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Reviewer: Miss M (Signed)
19 Sep 2008 9:02 am
... Holy Shit HOT!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: sublimatedangel (Anonymous)
10 Jun 2008 1:39 am
This was really quite hot all around, but the intense detail surrounding Lorne putting the condom on one-handed was just *amazingly* vivid and scorching.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Raven (Signed)
03 May 2008 7:02 pm
Oh, can't remember if I reviewed this before, but hot damn this was intense. Loved every line of it.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Akuma (Anonymous)
18 Mar 2008 6:56 am
Actually, there aren't enuf stories featuring Breath Play. I, myself, belong to an *ahem* Adult Play Group and very much enjoy that. Good story structure -- I like that they used 'warning & safe' words (never do without them in a good scene), Rodney's reactions were perfect; and the image of Lorne being the one doing this with Rodney is just brilliant! Thank you so much for a great fic.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: tiki_92090 (Signed)
13 Jan 2008 12:46 am
At the part where Rodney was allowed to talk I had a scary [yet funny] thought. What if Lorne thought, "Man what would people at Atlantis think if they heard Rodney talk like this?" and then the Jumper [being a sentient piece of Atlantis] fulfilled that wish. guh. and then Chuck or some lab tech heard it and got off because of it, or Sheppard heard it or something when he thought, "Wonder what Lorne is doing?

idk i'm rambling. I love this story, and I just love it. Thanks so much, and if you like the challenge[?] above, you can take it if you want it. idk, i'm a lurker, not a writer. I love that Rodney is a writer of smut, very nice, oh and love that Evan had to keep the uniform on, just made it even hotter. and somewhat fluffy.

Thanks again for making my day.

Author's Response: hahaha - that would be an awesome story. I think I could write something on it - I'll let you know. rnrnThanks for the feedback!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
03 Jan 2008 11:00 pm
Wow. I didn't expect the D/s angle given the earlier story about the boxers, but it makes sense. Very nicely done! It was very hot too. For some reason, I see these intersecting with your lovely UST story. :-) I see Rodney taking charge--like the other story--and ordering the military boys around. Thanks for writing these!

Author's Response: Rodney feeling comfortable enough to take charge is awesome. Thanks for the feedback!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Pinkpetunia (Signed)
03 Jan 2008 7:11 pm
Guh. My favourite pairing is Sheppard/McKay, but stuff like this really makes me reconsider that :).

Author's Response: Join us.. come to the dark side..rnrnI love McShep, I really do, but McLorne has become increasingly hot for me. rnrnThanks for reading!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: just1tearforme (Signed)
03 Jan 2008 4:43 am
Just like your other Lorne/McKay, this one was way hot! Too awesome. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I've had a bit of Lorne/McKay month, I'm glad you enjoyed the porny results!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Raven (Signed)
03 Jan 2008 2:38 am
Yay! I love these two together.

Author's Response: I like the too! I didn't think there was enough really porny McLorne so I wrote some of my own!rnrnThanks for the review!
Chapter 1