Reviews For Promiscuous

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Reviewer: Raven (Signed)
03 Jan 2008 11:27 pm
*giggles madly* Oh, that was brilliant! I loved it!!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
03 Jan 2008 11:10 pm
That was great! Of course, we now need the "kiss n' tell" scene with post!John Teyla & Rodney over coffee. Seriously, if Teyla trusts Rodney to find a man then they'd totally talk about it. Couldn't you see Rodney trying to give John tips later? Oh, and Rodney would totally be there for Ronon when his time is up. It's a religious thing. ;-p
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Molly Annice (Signed)
03 Jan 2008 7:51 pm
lol, I can see this happening. Adding to favourites.
Chapter 1