Reviews For Failed Proposals

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Reviewer: Twinfetish (Signed)
15 Oct 2009 11:53 am
This was really great. I loved Rodney's and John's conversation and what wasn't said. Good job.
Reviewer: sgakaz (Anonymous)
02 Feb 2008 6:07 am
This was so real, I agree it's a shame we didn't see this on screen.
Reviewer: Cynical (Signed)
29 Jan 2008 2:42 am
"You are not. Spider-Man!" Rodney said over him.

John blinked. "Actually, I was going for Batman."

Rodney's eyelids fluttered as he threw his head back, in his patented Super God, Save Me From These Morons Eyeroll. "Yes, because emulating a superhero with no powers is so much more sane.

Reviewer: Dementi (Signed)
29 Jan 2008 12:02 am
That should have been part of the show! Great add on and well written.
Reviewer: Elly (Anonymous)
28 Jan 2008 3:06 am
Eeek! OMG! This is the best tag that I've read so far. Thank you so, so much for writing it and sharing with us. It made me all kinds of happy. :D
Reviewer: the_cephalopod (Signed)
27 Jan 2008 5:34 pm
Very nice - how I wish we could see it on screen! Thank you so much for writing it instead!! cep xxx
Reviewer: Angela (Anonymous)
27 Jan 2008 2:44 pm
Sweet, I felt so bad for Rodney this episode, it's nice to see things written for it.
Reviewer: Fenchurch (Signed)
27 Jan 2008 1:03 pm
I really can't get enough of these post-Quarantine stories - there's one on my hard drive somewhere too! It's all about Rodney's insecurity and that's why we love him so much! Brilliant Rodney and John voices.

I like the idea of beating the 'carp' out of someone! Maybe it was a typing error though...?


Author's Response: Thank *you* for reading (and reviewing)! :D Glad you enjoyed it!rnrnEep! *Fixes carp*
Reviewer: Fitz (Anonymous)
27 Jan 2008 12:37 pm
Really enjoyed this. It actually felt like a realistic reaction to the events of Quarantine, rather than a fangirl one like so many other tags I've read. Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks! :) Yeah, it's not that I don't like fangirlish ones myself -- other fics I've written can arguably be called that, even -- but for once, I wanted to do a fic that wouldn't end up negated by the episodes that come after! XD
Reviewer: Mystic (Signed)
27 Jan 2008 9:51 am
Great start of a wonderful where is the rest. :>) I so would love to see this develop into them getting married, any chance of that happening?

Author's Response: Heh, if I had unlimited time, I totally would like to do a marriage, and post-marriage, fic series! (Though not necessarily from *this* one -- I wanted a fic that, for once, wouldn't be be made into an AR by the episodes that came after! LOL) :) As it is, I have other fics I need to finish, for other fandoms. I only did this one because my writing muse would not cooperate even on actual work until I got this tag out of my system -- the end of the ep really created an itch in my brain. XD
Reviewer: Raven (Signed)
27 Jan 2008 9:31 am
Aw. Yay! :3
I felt really bad for Rodney at the end of that episode, but this just makes it all better.

Author's Response: I aim to please! ;)