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Reviewer: pensnest (Anonymous)
11 Jan 2010 10:11 am
What an absolutely awesome story. You handle the different reactions to the change so well, it is quite fascinating. All the different planets and missions have distinctive characteristics, and I particularly like the way the Atlantis team perceive the imperfections of Hermea as well as its advantages. And of course the relationships within the team are so beautifully done. Wonderful story.
Part IV
Reviewer: Concupiscence (Signed)
29 Dec 2009 12:24 am
For future reference light-years is a measure of distance, not time. It's a common mistake, cuz hey, "years" is kind of a deceptive bit there... does it qualify as a 'misnomer?' Thanks for the HUGE story! Somewhere in the middle it got a lil hard to read cuz it felt like the story was hating on Rodney, but I'm SO happy we got back to the RodneyLove cuz, well, that's why I'm here man... mmm... Rodneeeeey.... heh. again, thanx for your herculean endeavor here! Wow.
Part IV
Reviewer: Miscbills (Signed)
19 Oct 2009 3:10 am
I really enjoyed realy reading this story. Some saddness adn some comedy and I really love the comedy. I would like to read about Rodney turning into a woman and experince as a woman and PMS. I would love seeing Rodney in PMS mode. Poor Zelenka.
Part I
Reviewer: Pinkpetunia (Signed)
09 Sep 2009 9:36 pm
I'm not quite finished yet, but I got to this line and just had to say something:
"Is that – you aren't hurt? Please tell me you aren't hurt?" Rodney whispers intensely. "I so sorry. I am so very, very sorry. I never thought I could hurt anyone, that it would matter to anyone but me."

It just about killed me and its so very, very Rodney.
Part I
Reviewer: Ansku (Signed)
15 Jul 2009 7:45 pm
Brilliant :)
Part IV
Reviewer: lilimayhem (Anonymous)
26 Jun 2009 1:12 pm
Great story! There was some lenght here and there and I think some subject could be explored more but all in all a great story. You are quite talented I have to say, the dialogues are just perfectly written. I liked the humor strewn in this story and the reference to Poutine had me smiling. Your from Québec? Good work. I'm looking forward to read the rest of your stories.
Part IV
Reviewer: jen (again) (Anonymous)
03 Feb 2009 2:44 am
Sorry, I should have read the whole review before submitting it. I didn't finish this part:

"One thing that bothered me but that you guys deliberately set up and then acknowledged was Rodney ordering John around and being overprotective. I wasn't sure if his behaviour was intentional until he got the smackdown from John."

I meant to say that it was well done; it was intentional for us to not like Rodney's behaviour but when it first started happening I wasn't sure if it was authorial intent for the reader to just accept Rodney's behaviour. And so when John called him on it I cheered because the reader (well, this one) and the authors were on the same page!
Part I
Reviewer: jen (Anonymous)
03 Feb 2009 2:39 am
I am enjoying this story but I do take issue with the way the sex-reassignment has played out.

Sheppard and Ronon are still men and would be using the original pronouns, especially when thinking of themselves. Gender identity is a social construct, not snapshot of your genitals and secondary sex characteristics. I can understand Rodney and anyone who didn't go through a sex change having trouble with this (especially the doctors and nurses) but it doesn't make sense to me for Ronon and Sheppard and *especially* Teyla -since she's the one who this is the hardest on so far- to think of themselves differently.

I realize some may think I'm being too picky but I just wanted to say this as it continually throws me out of the story.

One thing that bothered me but that you guys deliberately set up and then acknowledged was Rodney ordering John around and being overprotective. I wasn't sure if his behaviour was intentional until he got the smackdown from John.

Lastly? I am so disappointed that we didn't get a threesome with Rodney/John/Ronon!!! But it still ended up being insanely hot so it was okay. :)
Part I
Reviewer: sabinelagrande (Signed)
18 Dec 2008 10:33 am
This is really an amazing story. Not many authors could take all the disparate themes you tackle and make them one cohesive whole. I also really like how you've filled out some of the minor characters- Biro especially. And it was really hot. Great job, guys.
Part I
Reviewer: zaftig (Signed)
01 Dec 2008 12:26 am
Beautiful story. Good of John to go through with the Completion for Ronon and Teyla's sake. I was very sad for Teyla that the Athosians could not accept her during her change and that it would forever alter how they would treat her. I was wondering how you'd work the Gestalt, because I thought that they wouldn't be able to have something permanent like that. A very good story. I really enjoyed it and all of its parts.
Part I
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
23 Nov 2008 3:19 pm
was really good, and i can see Rodney's way out of being switched, reminding them all that they do not want to experience Rodney McKay with PMS
Part I
Reviewer: Kira (Anonymous)
06 Nov 2008 12:51 pm
An amazing story,
Part IV
Reviewer: Chanel (Signed)
23 Oct 2008 9:27 am
Brilliant story, just here for a reread. I can't wait to see what it'll be like for Rodney on the other side. I'll keep a look out for it!
Part IV
Reviewer: Gadigan (Anonymous)
23 Sep 2008 6:32 pm
Brilliant, brilliant!
On a scale of 1 to "Yeah, were currently working on it, duh!" what are the chances of seeing Rodney as a woman?

Author's Response: -1. I don't think Mona and I will be returning to this one (it's long enough!) and other than doing it for laughs, switching Rodney to a woman would just be retreading the same ground.
Part I
Reviewer: Jantique (Signed)
24 Jun 2008 9:01 pm
Great story. You know, I've never been that fond of Ronan, but then I never knew he was a poet. And I can totally see her as an Amazon! Pity R & R & J never made a threesome! Did not like Evil!Bureaucrat!Elizabeth--but then I wasn't supposed to, was I?

Keep up the good writing, Jantique
Part I
Reviewer: Laura (Anonymous)
09 Jun 2008 7:03 pm
I've got to say that I loved this story--and I think this has been the only fanfic that I've ever sat up until 4 a.m. to read! I especially loved Ronon's character as a female. Rawr!
Part I
Reviewer: tiki_92090 (Signed)
24 Mar 2008 12:59 pm
Love this story! If you guys decide to make another, please include Atlantis personnel reactions to Ronon's new form!? The UST was annoyingly frustratingly good!

Love this story, Thanks for writing.
Part IV
Reviewer: chIntlhIS (Anonymous)
02 Mar 2008 8:23 pm
I just about crapped in my pants, when Ronon said, "One word, McKay: Sestinas." I shouted out loud, utterlly shattering the quiet of this nice crowded wiredless cafe! Love it!
Part I
Reviewer: Raven (Signed)
10 Feb 2008 4:17 am
Ok, wow. That was amazingly well written and intriging and completely awesome!

I would LOVELOVELOVE to read about Rodney's experience with Completion himself. :3
Part IV
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
03 Feb 2008 6:46 pm
I've finally reached the end of this epic fic and it's been a really great journey.

I'm glad everything was resolved, even if Heka wasn't resolved the way they would've liked. At least they made others aware of the situation; people who could do something about it. I could see everyone's point about the injustice of the IOA making decisions for Pegasus, but appreciated that Elizabeth was stuck in a difficult position.

I was pleased that it did kick-start John and Rodney back onto their path together, even if there was that pretty big shock for John regarding Ronon. I'm glad they sorted that out and that Ronon wasn't hurt by the decisions made.

Finally seeing the Gestalt was a bittersweet experience. It was fascinating to see what it was and how it worked, how the team reacted and felt whilst in there, but it was sad (if not overly surprising) that it won't really help them after all.

I'm glad to see everyone ending up in the bodies they wanted and was pleased that the team all supported Ronon's decision. Hopefully the rest of Atlantis will be just as understanding, though they've all gotten used to it by no, so it shouldn't be too difficult. Glad to see Teyla happy again. I hope the Athosians will get over themselves now.

Glad to see John and Rodney still happy together too. I'm hoping we'll get to see their experimenting in some future story (I'm sure they'll be fine and it will be hot! *g*).

Excellent story with great characterisations throughout and a great exploration of the team dynamics and how they can support each other through the most trying times. Hopefully there will be more in this universe.

Part IV