Reviews For Close Contact

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Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
11 Oct 2005 5:26 am
HOWL!! ROTFLMFAO Alien creature version of leg-humping. *still laughing hysterically* Never gets old! ----}-@ Krys
Close Contact
Reviewer: moothril (Anonymous)
20 Jul 2005 5:08 am
..... Wow. That was wrong. On so many levels. But it was very well written, it's great how you built up to the ending. Poor Rodney! T__T;

Author's Response: Thank you... I think. ;-) I know... I'm rotten to Rodney, aren't I?
Close Contact
Reviewer: Kam (Anonymous)
18 Jun 2005 1:47 am
Oh, YUCK!!!!!!! *laughs ass off, then picks it up*

Author's Response: Thanks. Glad you thought it was funny. ;-)
Close Contact
Reviewer: aili (Anonymous)
28 Apr 2005 3:14 pm
LOL icky and therefore perfect for mckay

Author's Response: Thank you! :-)
Close Contact
Reviewer: Bonnie (Anonymous)
20 Apr 2005 6:09 pm
OMG- slimer- I guess he really DID like Rodney- hehehe -

Author's Response: Yes, he just couldn't resist Rodney's natural sex appeal. ;-) Thanks for commenting. :-)
Close Contact
Reviewer: chaps1870 (Anonymous)
20 Apr 2005 4:22 am

Author's Response: Glad you liked it! And thanks for reviewing! :-)
Close Contact
Reviewer: Cheyanne (Anonymous)
20 Apr 2005 12:17 am
This has got to be one of the funniest short stories I've read! Poor 'well-loved' Rodney! Hahahahaaaa

Author's Response: That's a lovely thing to say, thank you. :-)
Close Contact
Reviewer: Miso no Tsuki (Signed)
19 Apr 2005 11:54 pm
Oh yes! A close encounter of the eeuuukky variety. Loved it, LOL here.thank you kindly :)

Author's Response: Yes, it was definitely a close encounter Rodney could have done without. Thank you. :-)
Close Contact
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Anonymous)
19 Apr 2005 11:54 pm
::Laughs insanely:: Oh, I can just picture Rodney's face upon hearing that news...and John's reaction ::wipes tears from eyes:: Laura.

Author's Response: Yes, I think John would find that quite amusing. :-) Thanks for commenting.
Close Contact