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Reviewer: Tammy (Anonymous)
05 Aug 2008 9:01 pm
Ahhh, they do get to have a happily ever after! This was a very sweet ending and a great tale overall. Thanks for sticking with it! I loved it.

Author's Response: Thank-you, Tammy! And thanks for sticking around until the very end!
Chapter 24
Reviewer: merrymuse12 (Signed)
05 Aug 2008 8:48 pm
This didn't end how I expected, but that's okay. I loved it all anyhow!

I liked how everyone threw Rodney an annniversary party. It made me all kinds of happy. :D

I loved this whole thing!

Author's Response: Thanks! Unexpected endings can be a good thing, right? Leaves room for a follow-up, possibly...
Chapter 24
Reviewer: jammies2000 (Signed)
02 Aug 2008 7:25 am
Well I had to catch up a bit on this story. But I love it. So Rodney is ok I hope he stays that way. I love that John is there with him and Rodney is figuring out that John may like him as more then a friend. This should be interesting. Is Rodney still in the younger body? I sorta lost track on that. thx for posting

Author's Response: Hi, Jammies! We're coming into the home stretch, and no, Rodney hasn't miraculously returned to his old self again (selfishly considering a sequel to deal with that issue...) I'm almost finished the last chapter now and should have it up this weekend. Hope you enjoy!
Chapter 23
Reviewer: Daestwen (Signed)
27 Jul 2008 12:56 pm
Sorry, that was me, I thought I was logged in, but apparently not. :)

Author's Response: :) I've done that many, many times myself. Thank-you for reading and for the feedback! I'm flattered to have renewed your interest in the genre! ;) I hope you enjoy the ending,rnrnNeena :^D
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Daestwen (Anonymous)
27 Jul 2008 12:55 pm
Okay, so, you've got me hooked on fan fiction again. Oops. :P

Seriously, though. I read this all in one go last night when I should have been sleeping. Nicely done. You've managed to keep everyone in character and keep it plausible (as plausible as Stargate ever gets, anyway!). Keep up the good work! :D
Chapter 1
Reviewer: lavvyan (Signed)
23 Jul 2008 7:31 pm
Hee! I can't wait, either! :D

Author's Response: Thanks! Hope I don't disappoint! :)
Chapter 23
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
22 Jul 2008 7:23 pm
You held my hand, didn't you?" Sheppard's spooked expression told him he'd got it in one. "Ha! I knew it! You care about me!"

Sounds like we're about to be treated to an excerpt of Miss Congeniality! ;)

Things were going to get interesting.
He couldn't wait.

LOL! Sheppard is in for it! Rodney won't let him get away! I can't wait either! Thanks for the update.

Author's Response: :) Sheppard's definitely in for it, alright! Thanks for the review!
Chapter 23
Reviewer: sgakaz (Signed)
22 Jul 2008 6:33 pm
We couldn't lose Rodney, John's words pulled him through.... Things were going to get interesting.

He couldn't wait.

Me too :)

Author's Response: Hehehe...John won't know what hit him! ;) Thanks for the review!
Chapter 23
Reviewer: Dementi (Signed)
22 Jul 2008 2:20 pm
I can't wait either. Another explosive chapter of tense on the edge of my seat reading. I felt emotionally drained and elated at the end.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad about the 'elated at the end' part, which hopefully makes up for the 'emotionally drained' bit! ;)
Chapter 23
Reviewer: Shannon (Anonymous)
22 Jul 2008 9:08 am
*squeals like a teenie*
This is so good.
I love it, man.
I await the next chapter.

Author's Response: Thank-you, Shannon! :) I'll try and be quick!
Chapter 23
Reviewer: JW23 (Signed)
22 Jul 2008 3:55 am
Much like Rodney, I can't wait. :) I wanna know where the hand tipping leads!

Once again, a great chapter. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! :) John could be in for a surprise! *g*
Chapter 23
Reviewer: veljanoc (Signed)
15 Jul 2008 3:39 am
I just decided on making an account at wraithbait a few minutes ago (finally decided on a new screenname/id today XD) and the first thing I wanted to do, apart from changing my password, was to comment on your fic.

...Which I've been passionately stalking for the past few days. I just wanted to let you know I love how you changed McKay without making him into the male equivalent of a Mary-Sue (Gary...Stue? I heard it somewhere, but I'm not sure what it is).

-insert more gushing adoration here- Sorry. I'm not feeling too eloquent at the moment (or ever, really). I can't wait to see Rodney and John's relationship to further develop and hopefully everything will turn out ok. Or not. :D

Author's Response: Thank-you for the review! I'm all about the happy endings, so don't fret about Rodney and John, they'll be just fine(ish). ;)
Chapter 22
Reviewer: Vana (Anonymous)
11 Jul 2008 1:48 pm
Oh God! If he dies, I'm going to throw MYSELF off a pier. XDDDD (Not seriously, not seriously.)

I would like to say how very much I am LOVING this story. You have the characters down pat, I have to applaud you on how much your story John, Rodney, etc actually sound like the characters from the show. Even I have a tendency to let my characters wander, but you have consistantly kept to "them." *Applauds* ^_^

I'd forgotten how much I love romance stories with plot. X3 This was the perfect wake up call; I stayed up until 1AM reading, because every time I said "Well, just until the end of this chapter," I'd go and read the next one, and then when I ACTUALLY was going to stop, I got to the end of chapter 16 and HAD to read the next one. I finally forced myself to sleep and first thing this morning finished up to where you are now.

^_^ GREAT story. I can't wait to see what happens next; I'm going to be on pins and needles until you update again!! John and Rodney are too cute, and I love how their relationship is developing into something more serious than friendship, as opposed to it always having been sexual tension with them. It makes it more believable (in my opinion). Great job, can't wait to see what's next, update soon, please~!!!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank-you Vana! What a great thing to wake up to, especially after having had such an emotionally draining and difficult week. I really needed the pick-me-up, so THANKS!! :^D
Chapter 22
Reviewer: Dementi (Signed)
07 Jul 2008 5:15 am
Aghhh....wipes away a stray tear. Neena, you are really killing me now.This fic is so great, which I have mentioned several times.

The moments between John and Rodney are simply holding. You are able to convey so much more then with just your words, you see it in the actions and the details that you provide in the imagery around them.

Can't wait for more...

Author's Response: *hands you a hankie* Thanks, Dementi!
Chapter 22
Reviewer: sgakaz (Signed)
07 Jul 2008 4:41 am
Without a second thought, John wrapped an arm around his shoulders and pulled him in tight. Such a beautiful touching moment.

Author's Response: Thank-you! :)
Chapter 22
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
06 Jul 2008 4:31 am
Wow, Carson is going to have such a cow, if he hasn't already: When he finds out that Rodney wasn't fooled by his "partial truth" about his health, and that Rodney was going to end it on his terms, and that Rodney escaped on his own.

I liked that John instantly knew what Rodney was up to.

Author's Response: Thanks! I figured that Rodney had set enough precedent for John to put 2 and 2 together. :)
Chapter 22
Reviewer: Tammy (Anonymous)
06 Jul 2008 1:06 am
Ooohhh, poor John and Rodney. I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Thank-you so much for the review! More is on the way...
Chapter 22
Reviewer: vexed_wench (Signed)
05 Jul 2008 9:22 pm
Nice update , I am really enjoying this story.

Poor Rodney , poor John.

Poor Carson when John finds him.....

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah, Carson's in for a serious lambasting!
Chapter 22
Reviewer: empress (Anonymous)
05 Jul 2008 6:20 pm
Awesome! I love this story:)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! *g*
Chapter 1
Reviewer: JW23 (Signed)
05 Jul 2008 3:51 pm
Poor Rodney. How will he survive this one? And poor John. I'm glad they've at least made it to the one armed hug stage, though. Silly boys. :)

Author's Response: I know...silly, repressed straight men (for now). When will they learn? ;) Thanks for the review!
Chapter 22