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Reviewer: Tresa Cho (Anonymous)
06 Aug 2008 1:32 pm
Oh such a lovely story. Lovely, lovely.

Author's Response: Why thank you very much, I'm much pleased you liked it. :)
Chemicals Displaced
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
23 Feb 2008 4:03 pm
Great story. I liked the insight into Cam and his insights into John. It was interesting to see John through less familiar eyes and also to see things Cam picked up on, because they were a lot alike. I'm glad John counted Cam as one of those who was allowed to touch. The bittersweet part about them both wanting someone who didn't seem to return the feelings was, well, bittersweet, so I'm glad they were able to comfort each other without worrying about it becoming more.


Author's Response: They certainly are a lot alike, and so, at least the way I figure it, able to catch each other's signals easily enough, even if, in the long run, they weren't who the other needed. And as I'm normally a John/Rodney and Cam/Teal'c shipper, I choose to imagine that one day the bittersweet part becomes as much of a happily ever after as any of them are likely to have. ;) Thanks for reading, missy, I really appreciate it. :D
Chemicals Displaced
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
20 Feb 2008 7:59 am
That was fun! I really enjoyed how you handled the characters.

Author's Response: Why thank you. I'm very pleased you liked it. :)
Chemicals Displaced
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
18 Feb 2008 4:53 pm
Thank you for writing this one! I think Teal'c & McKay are idiots to hurt their friends, but I'm glad Cam & John found each other. I hope they're able to make something work...and not just because they're HOT together. ;-)

Author's Response: The funny thing, of course, is that I'm normally a John/Rodney and a Teal'c/Cam writer, so the fact that I had Rodney and Teal'c so... well, kind of oblivious, I guess, is against my normal ideas, but, yeah, John and Cam are very pretty to imagine together. ;) And thanks, I'm very happy you liked it. :)
Chemicals Displaced
Reviewer: Raven (Signed)
17 Feb 2008 8:55 pm
:3 I like it. Very good, especially with the characterization of John and what he'd do in times like this.

Author's Response: Nothing I like better than hearing I've got characterization right, so mucho thankses. :)
Chemicals Displaced
Reviewer: adafrog (Anonymous)
17 Feb 2008 6:43 pm
Loved it. I adore this pairing, and I like how you've done it, thanks.

Author's Response: Greatness, I'm glad it worked out. I like both characters, of course, but I'd never tried to put them together before. ;)
Chemicals Displaced