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Reviewer: TrueCat (Anonymous)
20 Feb 2008 9:45 am
"been there, done that - but that hardly justified the need to inflict the junior prom on the rest of them, thank you very much"

It was from this point I started giggling and i still haven't stopped! Thanks for the great fic!

Author's Response: That's so great to hear - thank you! *g*
Chapter 1
Reviewer: B_C (Anonymous)
19 Feb 2008 12:36 am
*L* I love it. Mistletoe wielding Ronon. :) That was sweet.

Author's Response: Hee - he was fun to write. *g*
Chapter 1
Reviewer: sgakaz (Anonymous)
18 Feb 2008 8:49 pm
Sweet and hot

Author's Response: Thank you!!! :-)
Chapter 1