Reviews For His Reasons Redux

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Reviewer: Crownglass39 (Signed)
24 Aug 2008 4:43 pm
Oh Rodney! I loved John's reaction and that Rodney called to John when he was having problems.

Nicely done!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Kara (Anonymous)
25 May 2008 1:55 am
I just finished reading this whole series, and I have mixed feelings about it. Overall, I think it's pretty well written and packs an emotional punch. I just think it's very out of character. It's like this story would be awesome for another fandom, but just doesn't seem to work for SGA.

See? Mixed feelings. ;)

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad that you liked it, though I can see that it works for Rodney -- from what I've seen through out the series, he's always being put down and hurt emotionally, even though he's been given moments of praise from the other members of the expedition.rnrnI don't mean to argue, and I respect your view. Everyone has their own opinion. :3
Chapter 1
Reviewer: merrymuse12 (Signed)
20 Feb 2008 5:00 pm
I loved Rodney's latest reason... :)

Author's Response: Thank you!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: B_C (Anonymous)
20 Feb 2008 5:04 am
I like their reasons for Rodney not hurting himself. :)

Author's Response: Thanks. I like them, too.
Chapter 1