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Reviewer: Xiilnek (Signed)
24 Mar 2008 9:32 pm
What a wonderful twist. I would love to read General O'Neil's reaction to this, if you are so inclined.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Not planning to do anything with General Jack's reaction, but it could happen...
Crossed Wires
Reviewer: Swanky (Signed)
17 Mar 2008 5:49 pm
So, I just spent the past two days reading through this whole series. I couldn't stop. o_0 It was AWESOME, and I really hope you write more to it eventually. I mean, it's good where it stands but you've an amazing talent for writing the plotty-goodness and I'd love to see more from this universe. Great job, dear! ^_^

Author's Response: That's great, I'm really glad you've enjoyed it so far! I am working on more, but it will take a while...
Crossed Wires
Reviewer: atlymer (Anonymous)
06 Mar 2008 5:08 pm
I love every single installment of the entire series from beginning to seven. The plotting is really intricate and the author connects all these Au's together very well. The humor, angst and adventure or blended so well it seems effortless. A really good good exciting read. I hope you show us Gen. Jack's reaction to finding out he has another kid. And as long as the plot bunnies keep chasing ya I hope there's more installments yet to come until there's at least 10+. That's how much I like it.

Author's Response: That's great, I'm really glad to hear you're enjoying it! I've gotten started on the next long one, but it's going to take a while (and no General Jack in that one, but lots of Captain Jack).
Crossed Wires
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
06 Mar 2008 5:02 pm
Heh. I'd love to see Jack's face when he reads these and I loved how 'our' Jack also sent one to make sure Daniel was nearby. I liked John's letter, setting Jack straight on any thoughts he might have, before Jack's even aware he should be having any of these thoughts :).


Author's Response: Yeah, John's letter came as someting of a surprise to me, but it seemed to work the way it wanted to. I'm really not sure what General Jack's reaction will be.
Crossed Wires
Reviewer: sgakaz (Anonymous)
27 Feb 2008 7:48 pm
I would to see Jack's face when he finds out who is his potential new son-in-law is. I hope actual son-in-law one day.

Author's Response: Oh, poor Jack -- he just found out about the son, and you want to shock him even more! Thanks for commenting!
Crossed Wires
Reviewer: purrfus (Signed)
27 Feb 2008 7:24 pm

The bit of evil hinted at in the last installment comes through, but you didn't let it go to far over the top.

I hope you show Jack and Daniel's reactions because I think you would do it well and I'm always looking for good stuff to read.

Author's Response: Y'know, I really didn't plan to write it like that -- John's message was just supposed to shout UNCOMFORTABLE. But it came out borderline angry instead. I think John has Issues.rnrnI don't expect to show Jack and Daniel, but I didn't really expect to write this part either, so it could happen. Just doesn't feel right quite yet.
Crossed Wires