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Reviewer: go suck on a lemon (Signed)
13 Mar 2008 7:15 am
Really excellent. Loved the ferengi reference, lol, just great!

Author's Response: ::g:: I kind of liked that too :-) Thank you :-)

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Peep (Anonymous)
04 Mar 2008 4:34 pm
There's one thing about this story that bothers me: that the wraith would assume that this human society is smarter than they are, or at least that they are equals worth trading with. To the wraith, we poor humans are nothing but stupid cattle. It'd be like giving computers to monkeys and asking them to solve calculus. They just wouldn't do that. And no matter how sweet the deal is, the wraith wouldn't honor it (the only reason the wraith honored the deal with Olesia was because it meant a steady supply of humans to eat all the time).

Not to mention the wraith are still quite devious even just among other wraith. The only reason Todd doesn't turn on the Atlanteans is because he isn't assured of victory (and because he's a bit more enlightened than your average wraith), and the other wraith don't know where Atlantis is. Without some outside protection (i.e. a shield, hidden planet, etc.), I just don't see the wraith leaving this planet alone, especially now that they're desperate.

Author's Response: Heh. You're making a whole heap of assumptions there, starting with the idea that the Canlaon *wanted* to be in with the Wraith initially. You're also drawing the very odd assumption that *using* someone is in some way equated to *respecting* them. Don't try applying human presumptions to the Wraith. You'll find the story less confusing (though possibly a lot more disturbing *g*) that way. Which is kind of the point. It's kind of amusing how you apply your own assumptions and then tell me they're alien. Uh *yes*. Just because the Canlaon think of it as 'trade' with the Wraith they -- and everyone but you, apparently -- is perfectly aware it's a Faustian deal. That's the *point* of the story, dude. Exactly like the Lantean deals with the Wraith -- liable to fall apart spectacularly should the Wraith change their mind. Which would be why they do nasty little things like hand over entire planets to the Wraith. And why what Rodney leaves them with is a trifecta of catastrophe, set up to piss off the Wraith no matter what the Canlaon do.

So er, wow. Way to completely miss the point.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Reflex (Signed)
04 Mar 2008 3:24 am
A wonderfully described story. I was appalled and spitting in anger at the arrogance and unfeeling levels that Canlaon's would go to for their own safety and greed.

Very well done.

Author's Response: Thank you. The Canlaon have a very different idea of the universe and how to survive in it, than our own, and constructing it was a real challenge -- so it's particularly nice to hear that it worked :-)

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Silverthreads (Signed)
04 Mar 2008 2:15 am
I really hope the idiots don't fire up the engines on planet. The children don't deserve that. Great story in any case.

Author's Response: Thank you. I really hope they don't either, but one way or another, the Wraith aren't going to be very happy with Canlaon :-(

Chapter 1
Reviewer: Mystic (Signed)
03 Mar 2008 8:59 pm
I was a bit confused at the end. It read as if Rodney gave information to them to fix the FLT engine and in sense betrayed a galaxy but prior you had it where he fixed it to go BOOM for sure...leaving them with nothing or a whole in the ground. I wasn't sure which by the end of the story. Over all, it was a good story and it would serve them right to be hoisted by thier own stupidity.

Author's Response: He left it so that if they listened to him -- which they might not -- it *might* still blow up. But if they survived, it wouldn't work for very long, which would make the Wraith unhappy -- and if they got to Celestis, they'd be even less happy. Whichever way, whether the engines blow or not, Canlaon will break its deal with the Wraith -- and the Wraith will come after them. He's damned them no matter what they choose.rnrnAnd to be fair, Canlaon weren't stupid, and the Atlanteans did something really morally dubious. Two wrongs not exactly making a right, and all. Which is why McKay tried to mitigate what he'd done -- a little.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: ANonnyMouse (Anonymous)
03 Mar 2008 8:49 pm
Wow, this is a really good story! Lots of action and suspense, playing it fast and loose with wonderfully devious aliens. I'd like to read more good stuff like this. :)

Author's Response: Thank you :-) You're very kind.

Chapter 1