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Reviewer: NexusofCrisis (Anonymous)
05 Nov 2008 9:30 am
I am strongly leaning towards this being my favorite sga AU ever. I love how involving it is, and how much we get to see of the "supporting cast" as opposed to the people we're all used to seeing. Outstanding work here, really. You really made them come alive. I love that Jamie's aura is lilac, same color I'd have picked for him. And Corrigan and Happy? Yeah.
Fantastic work with Chuck, btw.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I really, really appreciate you letting me know that you liked it! I have always had a fondness for the rnsupporting characters as well, so I'm glad my renditions worked for you. And yeah, this IS the best AU ever! Huge propsrnto Springwoof and Leah! rnThanks again for taking the time to review!rnSq
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Reviewer: JenniferLupin (Anonymous)
13 Aug 2008 10:28 pm
Hello! I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed reading both of your stories in this universe. I haven't read a lot of fics that focus on OCs and non-main characters, but I love this universe, so I gave these a shot. And I'm very glad I did! You made the characters very real and their stories very touching. I especially got choked up on this one! Thank you for sharing these.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I'm so pleased that you like my OCs - I try to make them interesting and likeable characters,rnand I really appreciate you letting me know I suceeded! I'm currently working on my third story for this AU, Sgt. Blair "Boom-Bomm"rnKaufman and Dr. Gordon "Sparky" Sparks are the stars, and I hope to have it posted soon. rnThanks again for your kind words.rnSqueaky
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Reviewer: springwoof (Signed)
20 Jun 2008 1:52 am
You really made Chuck come alive here! I love his backstory and wish the SGA writers would be half so decent to him. I love the way all the Major SGA characters become supporting characters and the minor characters like Chuck and Corrigan, Stackhouse and Markham, become the stars. Finally, I really liked your OCs, Martine and Happy--they're real and vivid. This was a very moving and exciting story, and I'm so pleased and proud that you are playing in our AU. *hugs* springwoof

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the incredibly kind words, SW! :::hugglesthewoof::: I am so pleased that you're pleased! It really meansrna lot to me. And... after you and Leah post your sequel to *Aegis*, I'm gonna write a story for Blair 'Boom-Boom' Kaufman...rnThanks again for letting me play in your AU! Sq
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Reviewer: Leah (Signed)
25 Apr 2008 11:35 pm
You know I really enjoyed this story. :) I thought Chuck's backstory was terrific, and how you expanded on our very basic idea for his Gift was excellent. And you've made me want to use Martine in another fic.... :)

Author's Response: Hey thanks Monkey! You know I wrote it for you (and SW, o'course!) so I'm really glad you liked it! And I'm *so* glad thatrnMartine passed the 'Mary-Sue' test! I'd love to read about her in one of your stories...rnLove ya!rnSq
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Reviewer: Sharon (Anonymous)
19 Apr 2008 10:38 pm
I'm glad you're continuing to add to this special AU you've created. This was a touching addition and I especially loved that Chuck was central to the story. Your OC was well done and added so much to the development of the story line that I hope you plan another Chuck and Martine story!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review! I also really enjoy this AU that Leah and Springwoof created, and I'm very happy to be able to rnplay in their sandbox... I'm so glad you liked Martine! And Chuck is one of my favourite characters. I'm sure they'll appearrnagain. rnSq
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Reviewer: gail (Anonymous)
16 Apr 2008 4:26 pm
Great new story - I really like this reality.

You made the OC work, and did wonderful things for Chuck.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm so glad the OC worked for you. And who doesn't love Chuck? rnI really appreciate your comments.rnSq
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Reviewer: mellyna (Signed)
16 Apr 2008 12:50 pm
Wonderful addition tho this Au. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank *you* for your comments! :) Sq
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