Reviews For Alien Drugs

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Reviewer: Ojoe (Signed)
08 May 2008 9:01 am
Ooh, a dream! But it was a good one. Lol!
I loved the lines....

....we're left with allowing you and Colonel Sheppard to 'exchange fluids'."

Evan smiled, "Really?"


Author's Response: :-D I liked that one and "Do you feel like a pimp?" I actually started laughing out loud when I wrote it! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. The dream was a twist I don't usually throw in, so I thought I'd change it up. I liked that it was Sheppard who was having the dream instead of Lorne though. :-)
Alien drugs or just a dream?
Reviewer: Raven (Signed)
07 May 2008 2:36 am

That was just a dream?!!? I wasn't REAL?! Oh, I'm gonna kill you.... *grrr*

Author's Response: LOL!! I couldn't help myself! You have no idea how hard it was not to write another know how much I like happy endings! :-P
Alien drugs or just a dream?