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Reviewer: clerical medical (Signed)
24 Apr 2012 8:10 pm
Oh my goodness, this story is perfect too. You get deeper into Sheppard's mind than any other fic I've ever read. Thank you so much.
Reviewer: ForCryinOutLoud (Signed)
25 Apr 2005 7:12 pm
Just curious--why exactly would John purposely kill Sumner? We know in the show he did it because he believed it was what Sumner would have wanted rather than continue being sucked dry by a Wraith but in your fic you make it sound like he did it for personal reasons??

Author's Response: He did purposefully kill Sumner. What I think is that in his head, he's guilty of killing Sumner even though he knows Sumner wanted it. He shouldn't feel guilty (but he does because he keeps playing it over each night (per Siege II). Note that Weir doesn't even question the "confession" but rather why he'd been bottling it up. He keeps trying to think of something else he could have done but he can't. He's internalizing everything and second guessing himself. It's eating away at him so much that he expects Weir to turn up with security.
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Anonymous)
25 Apr 2005 5:40 pm
This was an interesting trip into John's psyche. I liked the way his thoughts seemed to be chasing themselves round in circles. His talk with Ford was nicely done; I liked the way he managed to give Ford advice which, he acknowledged to himself, would also apply to himself, but also knew he wouldn't take it. Carson's little notes were amusing, especially the fact that he managed to convey how much trouble John was in with so few words :). The talk with Elizabeth was another interesting one, and I was pleased that they at least managed to come to something of an understanding. Laura.

Author's Response: That understanding came out of the Sheppard discussion thread at Gateworld where people pointed out he seemed more supportive after Hot Zone.