Reviews For The Lemon Lie

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Reviewer: Unknown Scribe (Signed)
17 Nov 2010 4:37 pm
This was amazing. I hope you write a sequel that has them together.
Reviewer: lysi (Anonymous)
05 Jan 2009 4:12 pm
nice i love it more great that the acual scenario
Reviewer: May (Anonymous)
31 Jul 2008 1:16 am
The twist with the lemon allergy was quite good. Your depiction of Rodney's mother is unsettling, but I found it frighteningly believable, especially as she just laughed when explaining her trick to Jeannie.

I wonder if it might have been better to take the lemon allergy bit and frame it in a different plot, not utilizing speculation from the Shrine. That way it wouldn't get Jossed, and it wouldn't seem quite so hand-wavey with the near-death-but-going-to-be-fine bit. Also, I'm curious: I thought the second-childhood thing was supposed to be a "gift"? I hope they don't do a two-days-to-live plot in the episode, it's too much like Tao of Rodney.

Author's Response: Hmm, come to think of it, I can't remember now if he was supposed to die -- at the very least, I know tehre's a sense of urgency involved, like if they don;t hurry they won't get him back. I saw the mention of his loosing his memory as a good way to have him go to eat somehing lemon without remembering, but didn't have the time or imclination to wriote something so involved that I had to solve the actual problem that would cause him to almost accidentally injest it. I just had a flash of insight when I was reading spoilers that it would be interesting to find out, through his regression to earlier days, that he *wasn't allergic after all. A little plot bunny that I guess hopped away from me a bit. ^^; It won't be the first time a story gets jossed by the airing for me -- my pre-airing Trio-based fic did too. Doesn't bother me -- I just do what my writing muse tells me to, heh. :) Glad you liked the twist, and thanks muchly for your input. -- I might go back in and change the imminent death bit to "need to fix him before the mental facility-loss is permament, if I ever find he time ...
Reviewer: Tere (Anonymous)
29 Jul 2008 10:19 pm
I'm not sure I get this story. The lemon/parent part is self-explanatory, but setting it up so that Rodney appears to be dying in a day or two, and NOT resolving that, as a lead-in for a parental abuse story seems .... I don't know, a bizarre plot device. I thought this had to be part one of a larger story, but you have Yes after the Completed feature. So... Rodney's mother is a bitch, Jeannie is a coward, and he's dying tomorrow. The End. Huh?

Author's Response: Well, it is a tag/vignette -- a tag is not usually a complete story, because the episode that inspires it is the story.Now, in this case, the tag was more of a what-if, since The Shrine hasn't aired yet, but the episode summary is out there at Gateworld, and there's been plenty of buzz around the Brad Wright interview where he talks a bit about it. I just took the opportunity to use the setting he proposes -- that Mckay gets an illness on a mission that is like Alzheimer's, with his sister there -- to do some character exploration. Sorry if that's not your cuppa. ^^; And sorry for assuming that anyone who would *want* to read a tag for The Shrine would be aware of the spoilers already ....
Reviewer: bmw (Anonymous)
28 Jul 2008 1:17 pm
That was the most creative and cruel example of Rodney's bad parents ever! Very inventive!Way to go to Jeannie for not telling him. This is an interesting premise; thanks for sharing.