Reviews For Into the Whirlwind

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Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
28 Aug 2008 8:58 pm
He certainly couldn't think of a better way to end his Air Force career.

Holy Shit! Evan managed to not reveal anything horribly embarrassing or confidential a lot longer than I thought he would!

Author's Response: Heh heh. That's one way of viewing.
Chapter 9 - Precipice
Reviewer: Hexx (Anonymous)
28 Aug 2008 6:30 am

Author's Response: Thanks?
Chapter 1 - Point of Origin
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
28 Aug 2008 12:43 am
Some more interesting viewpoints here. It's always fun to see Atlantis through fresh eyes again, and it's also fun to see reporters being thwarted :). Not so great is the news about the ZPM. I'm assuming it's pretty concrete info and they aren't moving unnecessarily?


Author's Response: I love outsider POVs, and I wanted to have some that weren't on the command staff or people who'd been there forever. As for the ZPM, the next chapter will make it clearer, but think of who John might know at the top to leak him information.
Chapter 8 - Troubled Waters
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
28 Aug 2008 12:07 am
I liked this chapter. Like the snippets in the previous one, it's a good way of getting an idea about public reaction without getting bogged down in it all. And there's some pretty varied reaction to see.


Author's Response: Thanks! I wanted to include a chapter from the media, because I could write an entire fic of nothing by that sort of thing. It felt important to see some of what was going into the decisions being made.
Chapter 7 - And Now For A Word
Reviewer: ohevet likro (Anonymous)
27 Aug 2008 11:46 pm
I just spent all day reading your series and like where you are going with it. Can't wait for the update.

Author's Response: Glad to hear that.
Chapter 8 - Troubled Waters
Reviewer: Kanetsidohi (Signed)
27 Aug 2008 3:42 pm
Great chapter! I can't wait for the rest.

Author's Response: Thanks!
Chapter 8 - Troubled Waters
Reviewer: Kanetsidohi (Signed)
27 Aug 2008 3:07 pm
This is great. It feels so real! Fantastic work.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad it works!
Chapter 7 - And Now For A Word
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
27 Aug 2008 5:02 am
Thanks for the updates! I'm glad Daniel is ok. Still liking your characterizations ;)

Author's Response: Thanks! I takes more than that to keep Daniel down.
Chapter 8 - Troubled Waters
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
26 Aug 2008 11:36 pm
Another great chapter. It's interesting to see how things are going after the disclosure, even if I did feel John, Rodney and Daniel's pain at all the political functions they've been forced to attend. At least getting shot is a familiar pain! Loved Rodney's response to Senator 'Blowhard'- take that! *vbg* I also enjoyed the little tv snippets- the news, stock market and religious takes on the events. It's a great way of giving a view of all the differing reactions to the news without weighing the story down with it all. Roll on the next chapter. Hopefully they'll get to go home soon.


Author's Response: Getting shot is practically a monthly occurrence for these people. Getting tossed into a nest of snakes... actually, also pretty normal. I'm glad you liked the snippets.
Chapter 6 - Universal Constants
Reviewer: wendy (Anonymous)
26 Aug 2008 5:31 am
I enjoyed the chapter, but there's a missing scene you need to write (their Daily Show appearance). Please?

Author's Response: Maybe someday. I didn't actually write it out because I didn't think I could do it justice.
Chapter 6 - Universal Constants
Reviewer: Soon to be World Renowned Gracie (Anonymous)
25 Aug 2008 12:57 pm
Dr. Parrish killed someone? Lol. I really like this story so far! I can't wait for an update. And Lorne is the best. Period.

Author's Response: Check out "Botany Strikes Back" to see what's up with Parrish.
Chapter 6 - Universal Constants
Reviewer: Wind Wolf (Anonymous)
25 Aug 2008 5:12 am
Poor John... (giggle). How is this recruiting thing going to work, are you staying in the SGA/SGC universe or is this going to be a multiple crossover. Either way have fun... a little smut wouldn't go amiss... Thank you for the great story, WW.

Author's Response: You'll see. This isn't going to have any smut, though, I usually keep that separate from the more plotty stories.
Chapter 6 - Universal Constants
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
23 Aug 2008 6:37 pm
Evan has a nice line in bribery *g*.

I guess it remains to be seen whether this early disclosure will be a good or a bad thing, as well as how it will affect the contingency plans.


Author's Response: He does, doesn't he? :D
Chapter 5 - Unexpected Exposure
Reviewer: ky (Anonymous)
23 Aug 2008 3:40 am
Fantistic writing! Stays within character (at least like we want them to be!!!!)and believeable story line at the same time. I have always loved the idea of Atlantis breaking away from the log-heads. And it is a great pick-me-up from the sad news regarding SGA. Thank you and keep it going.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! Too bad we can't steal the show and run off with Atlantis ourselves. :/
Chapter 1 - Point of Origin
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
23 Aug 2008 12:26 am
I liked John being all naughty and delaying himself and Evan. I also liked the banter between all of them, but especially Evan watching John and Rodney and *thinking* :). Mike sounds good in principal; hopefully he'll turn out to be helpful and not yet another Ancient device that tries to kill them. And then there's the Asimov- nice deflection by Evan :).


Author's Response: Thanks! I tried hard with the banter, and I wanted to fit the thinky bit in as well. Evan's job largely revolves around noticing things like that, so it made sense to me that he'd keep an eye on John's team.
Chapter 4 - The Computer Is Your Friend
Reviewer: cimmer (Anonymous)
22 Aug 2008 11:29 pm
This is really neat. I like the idea of Atlantis as a frontier colony independent of Earth and the IOA. I'll be interested to see if as Woolsey's character changes (if it does) on the show he ends up being part of the conspiracy although I wouldn't think so. I'll also be interested if Todd ever shows up. John and Company, Founders of the Pegasus Federation . Hey even the Klingons became allies eventually.

Author's Response: The fic's already complete so no, no changes on Woolsey's part. Besides, this really isn't his sort of thing. No Todd, either, although maybe in the next one.
Chapter 4 - The Computer Is Your Friend
Reviewer: Stardragon (Anonymous)
22 Aug 2008 9:19 pm
Like the story. Characters are great. I've never cared much about Lorne but he is becoming interesting in your story. A bean counter is not necessarily bad and who better to baffle a bean counter than another bean counter. I like the basic idea-off world indepence does up the chances of survival but most people don't like to plan for this as it reduces their control and assets. Woolsey is well-drawn too. He is not a complete villian but a person with different priorities-yet he still cares about the people under him.
I originally wrote a little longer review but somehow the security code wasn't right. After multiple tries I finally gave up and advanced to the last chapter and am trying again. Here goes.

Author's Response: Thanks! That's exactly what I'm going for with Woolsey. He's not a bad guy - in fact, he's pretty good - but he's got a very different value set that sometimes doesn't quite match that of everyone else.
Chapter 4 - The Computer Is Your Friend
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
22 Aug 2008 7:27 pm
I'm worried about John being to obvious about his relationship with Lorne. And a little wary of a central computer with lots of power that looks down on humans.

I'm still enjoying the fic! Thanks for the update. I especially enjoyed:

"But I'm not finished with -" Ronon stole the last of John's waffle "- never mind"

Evan called out, "You guys hear that?
No more secret spaceships!"
Radek poked his head around the ship's tail. "Did he say anything about death rays?"

Author's Response: To be fair, you should consider who is calling him obvious: Rodney. Just because he's complaining doesn't mean that John's not actually being fairly careful most of the time. I'm glad those lines were funny.
Chapter 4 - The Computer Is Your Friend
Reviewer: Kanetsidohi (Signed)
22 Aug 2008 4:03 pm
"rapidly-forming plans for world domination."

LOL Very good.

Author's Response: :D Thanks!
Chapter 4 - The Computer Is Your Friend
Reviewer: Morch190 (Anonymous)
15 Aug 2008 11:00 pm
Great start. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Glad to hear it!
Chapter 1 - Point of Origin