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Reviewer: Cae (Anonymous)
03 Dec 2008 1:32 am
Go team!

Loved your characterisations, especially the scene between Ronon and Rodney, just so very Ronon.

Author's Response: Sorry this is late, but thank you! I'm glad you liked that scene, it was one of my favourite parts too.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Martha (Anonymous)
20 Aug 2008 2:39 pm
oh, very satisfying! Thanks!

Author's Response: You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :o)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: CrystalBall (Signed)
19 Aug 2008 4:53 am
Love it! Excellent work, especially w/McKay and Sheppard's characters!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm really glad you enjoyed the story so much. Thanks for leaving feedback.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
18 Aug 2008 7:52 pm
I really enjoyed the fic. I like how Sheppard took responsibility for his own actions following Doranda. And I absolutely loved Sheppard in full protective mode in the infirmiry. Loved it!

Author's Response: Awww, thanks! I think he'd be very protective too. I'm glad you really enjoyed the story.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: ajw (Signed)
17 Aug 2008 4:55 pm
Poor Rodney. Those two marines really deserve what came to them, though I like how Rodney punished them in his own way by making the systems in their quarters go haywire. Now they've gotten a beating off Sheppard and Ronon they should get the point - though I dont think they would be allowed to stay on Atlantis for long after this incident if Elizabeth Weir had any say in the matter.

I can understand the annoyance the rest of Team Sheppard felt about Rodney not telling them, though John should point some fingers at himself. After Doranda he wasn't very pleasant to Rodney for awhile and was still teasing him about what happened months later.

Author's Response: I doubt if the marines would want to stay after what happened! And yes, I think they deserved it. Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the story.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: krystalrain (Anonymous)
17 Aug 2008 3:05 am
Poor Rodney! Great story. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed the story so much. :oD
Chapter 1
Reviewer: tracy (Anonymous)
16 Aug 2008 9:19 pm
Terrific job, you've caught the characters' voices perfectly. I look forward to reading more of your work.

Author's Response: Thanks, Tracy! I'm really glad the story worked so well for you. Thanks for commenting!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: sandy (Anonymous)
16 Aug 2008 6:13 pm
excellent. love that john, carson and ronan berated rodney for not going to them and then setting up that teyla would be equally pissed.

Author's Response: I figured that they'd be annoyed with him for not telling them.rnrnThanks for commenting. I'm glad you enjoyed the story!
Chapter 1