Reviews For Take Me

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Reviewer: Amanda Beckett (Signed)
30 Jan 2008 8:03 am
Now thats what I was looking for!
Reviewer: Tarlan (Signed)
08 Jul 2005 9:34 pm
LOL!! I love an oblivious Rodney and desperate John !! Great story :-D

Author's Response: Thanks! They're just too cute when they're like this, aren't they?
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Anonymous)
28 Apr 2005 11:57 pm
Oh, poor oblivious boys- especially Rodney, how could he miss that sign? *vbg*. I'm glad they managed to get on the same page eventually though ::fans self:: Laura.

Author's Response: LOL. Oh, Rodney. So oblivious to things sometimes. Thank you.
Reviewer: chaps (Anonymous)
28 Apr 2005 10:41 pm
I absolutely loved that. The fact that John had the nerve to wear a sign that all of Atlantis could see and Rodney was oblivious was hilarious. Outstanding!

Author's Response: Thank you. I really think they'd both be oblivious, and John? Sometimes I think he'd do just about anything to get what he wants. :)