Reviews For Never Again

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Reviewer: Ulffy (Signed)
25 Oct 2010 6:38 am
Oh lovely.Trying to find words that don't sound creepy to convey my appreciation for your little tale. Maybe these will do: you paint the prettiest shades, luv.
Never Again
Reviewer: angellec (Signed)
19 Jan 2010 2:27 am
I know this is an older story and you probably won't see this but I love this and am picturing someone else in the bed. Won't say who but I am sure anyone can guess.
Never Again
Reviewer: jcorrington (Anonymous)
07 Feb 2009 9:45 am
...great I have a very dark mind, guess I cheered John on thinking there should be more of that or from Rodney...they've proven possesive...anyone who tries to claim it's not cannon is decieving themselves. Rodney's reaction to Chayla...and John saboting Rodney, yeah
Never Again
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
18 Oct 2005 6:59 am
*stunned* Wow. That was... utterly fantastic. *bounces slightly* I ADORE darkfics! Makes me wonder at all the things that must've obviously been running through Rodney's head there.. And me, too - did this happen before on Atlantis? How the hell are they gonna cover this up? Aie. Wonderful job. ----}-@ Krys
Never Again
Reviewer: Muriel (Anonymous)
27 Sep 2005 1:44 am
I enjoy reading Dark!John. With his background, it's something that you can see happening. Plus, you're such a good writer, it makes stuff like this more than a guilty pleasure. Anything McShep is good in my book.
Never Again
Reviewer: Bunny (Anonymous)
16 May 2005 10:08 pm
The fact that I find this amusing is probably not a good sign right?
Never Again
Reviewer: gorgon (Anonymous)
01 May 2005 8:12 pm
naw- don't hate you for this. it feels good to let the characters stretch once in a while, and what you wrote was beautifully done!
Never Again
Reviewer: ikswo (Anonymous)
01 May 2005 3:12 am
oooh, creepy and yet just so intriguing... the imagery was very well done, especially where john is talking about her as a porcelain doll. and the part where rodney enters to his decision of what to do is also awesome. you can really get a sense of everything going through his head! this was great. kudos!
Never Again
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Anonymous)
01 May 2005 2:07 am
Ooo, dark is right. If it makes you feel any better, I don't hate you for this :). I loved the description of Rodney as he considered all the angles. I'd love to find out more about Paul and what drove John to this sort of reaction, and also see what Rodney does next. Laura.
Never Again