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Reviewer: bridgie0202 (Signed)
10 Dec 2008 6:09 am
This is terrific and just what I needed to destress from a nasty finals week!! Thanks!!

Author's Response: You're welcome. Finals can be nasty. I've got mine coming up next week. :)
Arrival: Welcome to Atlantis
Reviewer: Becs (Signed)
08 Dec 2008 8:44 pm
Love the story. One question though, how old is Ali?

Author's Response: Thank you for the review, and Ali is 16, almost 17. :)
Integration: Learning to Fly
Reviewer: Meygan_Reyes303 (Signed)
28 Nov 2008 2:19 pm
This story is brilliant so far, keep up the good work

Author's Response: Thank you very much. :]
Arrival: Welcome to Atlantis
Reviewer: asharnanae (Anonymous)
11 Nov 2008 8:59 pm
Hi there, this is the first time I have been moved to review, but I just had too.

I really like your story so far :) The best bit is the character's voices and personalities are really great, I can just picture each of them when I am reading there dialog and sometimes cant help reading out loud, always a sure sign that I am enjoying a story.

The story itself it well written, and well paced. Not to much description or dialogue, just a nice balance. Its also the first shepard daughter fic I have seen, And I almost didn't start to read it because generally fan fics with children in can be relentlessly sappy and cliched, but this one is neither of those, much to my enjoyment.

I certainly hope to see more of this fic in the near future, and I can't wait to see how the puddle jumper lessons turn out :) Thanks for writing and sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the wonderful review. :) I should have more up shortly.
Arrival: Integration
Reviewer: Madwhiskey (Anonymous)
07 Nov 2008 4:41 am
I really liked it. More chapters please!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and I will try to update as soon as I can. :)
Arrival: Integration
Reviewer: sga74 (Signed)
05 Nov 2008 12:41 pm
This is pretty good so far. I hope that you are able to update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you. :)
Arrival: Integration
Reviewer: gail (Anonymous)
04 Nov 2008 1:50 am
Ali would have sat down with General not Colonel O'Neill.

Okay - willing an able to suspend my attachment to reality in order to accept the powers that be agreeing to ship Ali off to Atlantis. I'm having difficulty with the never going home piece. While its unlikely your Sheppard would want to go home, this is saying if he did he'd have to leave her behind. Will the story explain why? If not please share your thought process.

Author's Response: First let me thank you for reading. This is based on the idea that Atlantis is Colonel Sheppard's home and that, unless critically injured, killed, or he's retiring, he's not going back to Earth because there wasn't really anything left there for him, and what's meant to be implied is that if Sheppard ever goes back, Ali with undoubtedly go with him because she's now a security risk. Please do keep in mind that this is fiction and the first time I've done something of this nature giving a canon character a daughter. That being said, thank you for the review, but my thought process should become evident as the story progresses, if it wasn't already. :)
Arrival: Welcome to Atlantis
Reviewer: KateCayce (Signed)
04 Nov 2008 12:47 am
Love this story so far!

Author's Response: Thank you. :)
Arrival: Integration