Reviews For All That We Sever

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Reviewer: Leah (Signed)
25 Mar 2010 3:41 am
I'm really enjoying catching up on your story catalogue! Beautiful illustration (as usual) to go with a pitch-perfect Sheppardian story of self-denial-as-road-to-redemption. I loved how Rodney was always there with him, even when he physically wasn't.

Author's Response: I can see that you've been having fun -cool! This story came about because of Joe's position in the illustration (from 'Farewell to Harry'). I began wondering how it could happen for John Sheppard, why he'd be in civilian clothes on Earth and the story took off. I love when that happens and I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Mystic (Signed)
16 Nov 2008 9:11 am
A very interesting story, though I was confused a bit of first there is Rodney and then he suddenly showed up. I guess Rodney was his conscience and shadow companion, which explains the ending. Very interesting POV. Thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Yes, calling Rodney his shadow companion was a good way to put it. Not being sure if Rodney was there or not was what I was going for - giving the reader hints they could pick up (like 'The Sixth Sense'). Thanks for commenting!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Raven (Signed)
15 Nov 2008 9:27 pm
Aw... :)
I just love them like this.
Thank you for sharing.

Author's Response: I end up wanting to cuddle them both. :-D Thanks!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: go suck on a lemon (Signed)
15 Nov 2008 9:20 pm
Yay! angst with a happy ending, my favourite kind!

Author's Response: The angst makes the happy a little sweeter, doesn't it? Thanks!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Indus (Anonymous)
15 Nov 2008 3:37 pm
Hi this is great, but what happened with his brother? That's not canon, is it?

Love the fic, thanks for posting!

Author's Response: No, this is AU in a few points after Miller's Crossing, the brother's death is not canon. Glad you enjoyed and thanks!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Haggy (Signed)
14 Nov 2008 11:44 pm
I so loved this and the art work is great. Well Done! and thanks so much for sharing :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you enjoyed and thanks!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
14 Nov 2008 8:38 pm
Awww, John :(. It was a silly plan and I'm glad he had a Rodney-voice in his head to inform him of that until actual-Rodney could arrive and call him an idiot. I liked how they talked to each other, saying a lot with few words and always seeming to get each other. I'm glad Rodney went after John.


Author's Response: John certainly had the right idea keeping Rodney close, one way or another. Glad you liked it and thanks!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Jantique (Signed)
14 Nov 2008 7:22 pm
Good story. I like how Rodney keeps talking to John in his (J's) mind. (Whoops! That's a story spoiler.) I hope Rodney understands that.

Keep up the good writing!

Author's Response: John's internal dialogues are indeed a little different than most. :-D Thanks!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: B_C (Anonymous)
14 Nov 2008 5:59 am
Yeah. :)

Author's Response: Thanks!
Chapter 1