Reviews For Warmth

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Reviewer: Time & Tide (Anonymous)
12 Jul 2009 10:04 am
Aw, I can't believe no one has reviewed this! Although given the subject maybe I can ;)

I don't seem to be squicked by much in fanfic anymore =) and I really loved this, I wasn't so sure about John not letting Rodney know he knew before hand but then I also think this was such an intimate thing for Rodney, something he may indeed have shame around, so yeah in the end I think John was right.

Anyway nothing ventured.... =)

Author's Response: Heh, indeed it does not seem to be a popular subject. I like to think lots of people enjoyed it, but they're too embarrassed to admit they liked a story about pee ;)rnrnThanks for letting me know what you thought of this. You mentioned something I gave a lot of thought to as I was writing - John's choice not to talk to Rodney beforehand. It seemed to fit with the mood I wanted, though the possibilities for that conversation are great to think about.rnrnI'm very glad you enjoyed this and thanks for the review!
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