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Reviewer: Formaldehyde (Signed)
14 May 2010 11:35 pm
This is actually rather sick, and I'm not sure I want to know what brought that on...

That said, it is magnificent work. The feelings are so very real and the emotion runs deep. I am often taken by a mood that prompts me to write things like this, but never could I write something of this caliber. I salute you.

Author's Response: Thank you. I think:-) Actually, I don't remember what brought this on. Occasionally my mind is a very strange place. It scares even me.
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
21 Feb 2010 4:12 am
I'd say your warning was certainly enough. Very, very hardcore. I definitely preferred Rodney with John. John handled Rodney, and he treated him with care and respect. Simmons - he crushed Rodney.

Thanks for your stories!

Author's Response: Thank you for your comment! Well, I prefer happy endings, too, but some days my brain seems to be a very scary place. It's rare, but it happens.
Reviewer: anon (Anonymous)
31 Jan 2010 6:59 pm
very believable au. the warnings are fine. i think as a whole the sga fandom doesnt do well with the more hardcore themes. had this been spn, you would have heard you werent graphic enough. hopefully we will see more from you, not neccessarily from this au verse. but after reading all you have posted on wraithbait, id be happy to read anything you have for us.

Author's Response: Honestly, I don't know if I'm going to write in the near future, but thank you for letting me know you like my stuff! Makes me very happy:-)
Reviewer: christella (Anonymous)
20 Mar 2009 10:19 am
thought warning adequate,like south park ,not to be read by anyone should really cover it or read at own risk.
interesting take on what simmons would do in time to rodney but have to say prefer original story where john rescues him and becomes his dom,with love and respect betwen them.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! I'm a very militant fan of happy endings, too, but this was lurking somewhere in my mind and just *had* to come out:-)
Reviewer: cookiemom6067 (Signed)
03 Mar 2009 4:28 am
this is SO SAD!!!! I liked it much better when John found out and made Rodney feel loved, instead of disgusting. I do always enjoy your writing, though.

Author's Response: Thanks!
Reviewer: Patrice (Anonymous)
23 Feb 2009 8:39 pm
Loved it. Would love to read one with John in Rodneys position especially the diaper

Author's Response: Thank you very much! As for John in Rodney's position: unfortunately that's not something I see, at least not for the moment. Sorry:-)
Reviewer: Korilian (Anonymous)
22 Feb 2009 7:26 pm
Hey welcome back! I was afraid you'd dropped out of SGA altogether.

This was... well I started speed reading after a while because OH MY GOD! THE SHEEP! I can easily see this following in a universe where Sheppard never intervened, because he was pretty much completely controlled by Simmons. I wonder what would happen if something happened to Simmmons in this verse.

Author's Response: Thanks for your review! If something happened to Simmons: yes, I've been thinking about that, too... Hm. But let me congratulate you on the speed reading. That was a very wise choice:-)
Reviewer: Chanel (Signed)
21 Feb 2009 3:22 pm
Ok, obviously since I did not read it all, as stated before, only skimmed it, I've missed that John is not Sir.

And thank god.

This new light puts the story in a whole new context for me because as I said before the bit I couldn't stand was the lack of any semblance of normal between the two, between who I thought were John and Rodney. I read the other reviews and this makes sense now. I'm sad for Rodney, still, of course, but I can much more easily see this Rodney and understand his behaviour. Sorry about the previous review!!!

Anyway, now I would love some sort of retribution fic, where John comes along and takes care of poor Rodney and also /takes care/ of Sir. Come on, you know you want to write it, all Angsty_Rodney not understanding and thinking he's done something wrong, and John Kicking Ass! on sir and the corepral(?) and maybe even setting up some sort of elaberate revenge killing. Yeah, it'll be awesome. I'm imagining it now.....

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your review! As for John taking care of Sir - well, the happy ending happens in the other sequels, so I don't know... I'm more in the mood for more of the creepy stuff. Please, don't kill me! ;-)
Reviewer: Chanel (Signed)
21 Feb 2009 3:05 pm

Way too hardcore for me, (I could maybe (maybe) have got through it without the dom/sub stuff, but then it wouldn't be the same story.)

What I did read was... well, good seems inane, since I was indeed totally squicked, lol, but well written is a given.

I could handle the hardcore if it was just sex, I think the real bit that turned me off is that I'm assuming that Sir is John, but there doesn't seem to be any returned respect between the two any more, their lives have become the scene and all the other great things that they had have been pushed aside. So probably it has a lot to do with my upbringing but in the end I can't help but feel like Rodney's in a domestically violent relationship and want him to free himself, which he won't, so I'm sad... disappointed in him and in Sir.

But you know I love your other stuff, so I can't wait to see more!!!
Reviewer: Susan (Signed)
20 Feb 2009 1:38 am
I do want to discuss this fic more with you. Because. At first I looked at Rodney's character as someone interested in a normal BDSM relationship, and then there was a sheep. As I worked my way through the pile of diapers, I did start to feel sorry for Rodney's bizarre desire to wear them and his need to be degraded by WEARING his own filth. Another fact that intrigued me was the complete lack of team interaction. You have Rodney coming on John's carpet as if whoever is fucking Rodney is somehow threatened by John, but Rodney seems distressed when around his team and does not even seek out their friendship. Actually I now even question the existence of Sir. He never interacts with other characters except the corporal, but Rodney could have subconsciously invited the corporal to his room. Obviously this is wildly out of canon, but there is always some element of the actual character that inspired this Rodney in Blessed. I curious to know what scenes led your muse to write this. I am off to look for more of your fics, and am eager to read your new posts. Thank you!

Author's Response: First of all, thank you very much for your review!rnrnrnLack of team interaction: In my mind, there is a lot of team interaction in this universe - just off-screen, so to speak. And when he's off doing his things with his team, his friends, he acts completely normally (grumpy, snapping at his scientists etc.), because, apparently, no one seems to notice. I just couldn't put them in the story, because, well, it was surreal enough already...rnrnrnrnThe non-existence of Sir: Very interesting point of view. Never saw it that way... Huh.rnrnrnrnWildly out of canon: No kidding:-)rnrnrnrnScenes that led me to write Blessed: None in particular. I was just in the very strange mood to write an alternative ending to "When push comes to shove". And I wrote that one because there were dozens of scenes in the first three seasons that made me, well, explore the (small?) possibility that Rodney might be a stubbornly oblivious sub and "damn, what would make *him* get a clue?"rnrnrnThank you again for sharing your thoughts!
Reviewer: Susan (Signed)
20 Feb 2009 1:23 am
Oh. My. God. That was something between Deliverance, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and stepping in the dog's vomit. I tip my hat to you. You have succeeded in disgusting me. While Rodney was not entirely in character, I think you captured his inner dialogue very well. I am dying to know who Sir is! Thank you for posting. You've changed? my day.
Reviewer: Ciar (Signed)
18 Feb 2009 7:46 pm
I found this a very interesting story to read - really unique. I thought it was impressive how you managed to keep a completely consistent internal character voice throughout, one that contained elements of canon Rodney existing in extremis. Your writing/description of Rodney's thought processes and motivations made it possible to empathise with, and understand him, even though his behaviour and thinking was so wildly different from canon and he was rather to be pitied.

I think that your have an incredible mind for unusual plot and plot twists, you really layered on the various levels very convincingly :) I honestly did not know where you were going to go next or what to expect!

I didn't find the bestiality annoying, or particularly squicky, and I think that's entirely because you led into it with the events and descriptions of Rodney's completely submerged will and his inability to reject Simmon's commands.

Therefore, the scene in the barn was plausible and fitted within the context of this AU. This is because the relationship between Simmons and Rodney is completely exaggerated and over the top. In fact I sense that it is deliberately thus, which means that for this story what Rodney does in the barn is in keeping with his character's thought processes and the relationship's dynamic. I think it also serves as a very useful signal to the reader that this is AU (with knobs on lol) and it shows how completely caught up in his way of thinking this AU!Rodney is, it signals that he is MOST DEFINITELY NOT a Rodney that most of us would be familiar with, and that he is a Rodney to be pitied because John never found him and rescued him from Simmon's excesses.

I thought the barn scene was quite useful in shocking the reader and in demonstrating to the reader that this AU was not a happy place, no matter how Rodney's mind was twisting events to make it feel that way to him. It was a Rodney who was isolated and alone and at surviving as best he could at the mercy of this sadist - it made me quite sad for Rodney :(

I thought your use of 'Sir' to describe Simmons throughout the story was very effective in signalling Rodney's mindset and his feeling of his place in this world and this relationship. You gave very little info on Sir's thought processes or motivations and I think that, in combination with the use of the generic name/title, made it easier to imagine an OTT control freak, sadist like Simmons simply because the character was depersonalised in that way.

I think your decision to use SImmons and not Sheppard in this story was a good one. Yes, Rodney could be written somewhat sympathetically in this AU, because the reader can empathise with him and can recognise certain 'corrupted' elements of his character, but I don't believe that Sheppard could be written sympathetically in this particular dominant role within this story - it wouldn't fit with any aspect of his personality as a character and it would be far too unpleasant to read. Also, I'm a McShepper and I would have found it far too traumatising to read a Rodney/John relationship in which John had no redeeming qualities and in which he treated Rodney so badly :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your review! You're right: the story wouldn't have worked with Sheppard in the role of the abuser. He can be quite mean on occasion, but there's no way he could have pulled *this* off. As for the pity - it's strange. Sometimes I feel pity for this twisted Rodney, sometimes I don't. Rodney is fully cooperating, after all, and while the fact that he feels that he needs this makes him seem pitiable, in my mind he's actually, well, not happy, but at ease with his life. Content, maybe. Which, in my opinion, is more than most people can say about themselves:-)
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
18 Feb 2009 5:02 pm
you should have a specific warning for the beastiality, there are somethings that people just see as over the line and saying that you put up the warning "incredibly sick things" isn't enough its to subjective, what is 'incredibly sick' to one is not to another. That constructive critism aside you have a great talent for writing and though this story well i just couldn't finish I prefer to go for a happier ending it takes nothing away from your talent as an author.

Author's Response: Bestiality: I'm still thinking about it...rnrnWhat about all the other horrible perversions in this story millions of people might very well consider over the line, too (and let's face it: they'd be *so* right)? Should I make a list? Wouldn't that be spoiling the story a little?rnrnHonestly, I really don't know. For the moment I'm still thinking that anyone who doesn't take the message "Attention: amazingly sick story, anyone sane should stay away" literally, can't be helped.rnrnTomorrow I might change my mind, of course. Or maybe the mods will force me to do it - or remove the story before I make up my mind.rnrnAnyway, thank you very much for the review!
Reviewer: bubbysbub (Signed)
18 Feb 2009 11:17 am
wow. i'm not quite sure what to say. i know that i have a hell of a huge amount of admiration for you when i say that you are one sick mo-fo. LOVE it. totally fucked up. i love fucked up. rodney is so screwed up here. that's some serious mind-fuckery you have going on there. wow. just, wow.
*wanders off to read again with great amount of fascination*

Author's Response: Thank you... I think?:-) Have fun!
Reviewer: Becs (Signed)
18 Feb 2009 12:38 am
Please place a warning for bestiality in the summary (this may be a bit much for some readers).

Author's Response: You mean the rest isn't? That's what "incredibly sick things", "*will* squick" and "too much" is for - I'd have to list practically everything. Hm. I really don't know...