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Reviewer: GoSpikey (Anonymous)
20 May 2009 11:54 pm
"You know that old saying,

And then the rest of the text was missing again... In my correct Word file, the one taken from your site, I have the first sign of a tag standing there, and that's probably what tricked the rest not being here. So a part text missing here, a sign that shouldn't be there on your site.

Poor you without me.

Just checking, you do still have my e-mail addy, right? It's been 14 days... :D


Author's Response: Yes I do... but with computer access until now being somewhat difficult I thought my priority should be finishing up BTT... I'm almost there. Just on Act 5 right now... I corrected the coding error and now everything should be all right. Thank you :D
Act 4 & 5
Reviewer: GoSpikey (Anonymous)
16 May 2009 7:00 pm
Eirian, please check Enmity Act 3 the ending. This is not the way my Act 3 ends. There's a chunk missing, I think. The part where Teyla runs away and goes to Lorne... And the fight against the Wraith.


Author's Response: Damn it, you're right. There's a whole chunk missing from the end. How did that happen, and why did no one else pick up on the fact that there must be stuff in Act 4 that won't make sense because of it. Thanks, my friend. What would I do without you?
Act 3