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Reviewer: Tori (Anonymous)
14 Feb 2010 7:16 am
I rarely read long fanfics. When I do it takes days, because I usually read only a few chapters at a time. I just read all three stories in this series in one sitting. I didn't even stop to eat, though now that I'm done I've finally realized I'm actually starving. I'm not sure I could have pulled myself away before I was done reading. I was absolutely and completely enthralled.
Just thought you might like to know.

Author's Response: I really do like knowing!! Thank you so much! And now I'm hungry too ;)
Lost At Sea
Reviewer: Beth (Anonymous)
05 Dec 2009 11:23 am
Okay, I know i said how awesome part 2 was already, but i couldn't resist reviewing part 3 as well. You've surpassed yourself. i like how Rodney just did what was necessary and the reactions from Lorne and Elizabeth and Chuck.
I actually read this one first, clicking on a link, and was really enjoying it, till i got to the WTF? part in chapter 5. Then i was just confused. (serves me right for not reading the story notes!) so, i went back and read parts one and two before re reading. still loving it.made me giggle and gave warm fuzzies and almost tears. want the conversation with the beer on the pier! MORE!

Author's Response: :D Hearing your reaction to reaching Chp 5 in this fic without knowing about the gills made me laugh. Yeah, I can understand your would have come right out of left field. Thanks for the review!
Lost At Sea
Reviewer: Chanel (Signed)
22 Jun 2009 2:40 pm
Great story, great series. Loved loved loved the team at the end.
Lost At Sea
Reviewer: Ppleater (Signed)
19 Apr 2009 7:12 am
Lol, this is cute. I love the Treading Water universe.

I don't know why, but I'm fond of DeBoer, you should have him appear more often ;)
Lost At Sea
Reviewer: Kanetsidohi (Signed)
17 Mar 2009 7:32 pm
Beautiful! I love those intimate moments.
Lost At Sea
Reviewer: Ansku (Signed)
13 Mar 2009 9:21 pm
Love it :)
Lost At Sea
Reviewer: Jaessamine (Anonymous)
06 Mar 2009 2:50 pm
I'm really enjoing this series, thank you! :)
Lost At Sea
Reviewer: Fenchurch (Signed)
05 Mar 2009 11:18 am
Excellent! Thank you!
Lost At Sea
Reviewer: sandy (Anonymous)
04 Mar 2009 8:56 pm
oh god, this was good. I love this universe you've created. totally wonderful, totally believable interaction between John and Rodney. Keep em coming, and I'll keep reading.
Lost At Sea