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Reviewer: \(^o^)/ (Anonymous)
04 May 2009 4:11 pm
I absolutely 'loved' the ending! (I'm such a hopeless romantic, lol) You did very well and it was perfect in my view
Confidence of Tomorrow
Reviewer: Reona (Signed)
28 Apr 2009 3:53 pm
Awwww. Poor boys. How we love to hurt them but then we give them cuddles. Good story.
Confidence of Tomorrow
Reviewer: Mystic (Signed)
26 Apr 2009 7:45 am
The over all story made a good read. I did feel there were some plot holes though, like: if they had limited time to gate, but had time to tell Atlantis there was a problem and still look, Atlantis could have sent a jumper w/ winter gear and Marines to help search as anyone lost out there would be in serious trouble. Also, if Rodney was injured, showing signs of hypothermia as you said and fell alseep, even if in a cold cave, soaked to the skin with other injuries, I hightly doubt he'd wake up and if he did, there would be no trek...what happened to the life sign detector or the subque? You needed to address these a bit better. Glad to see it worked out and that Rodney found the courage to speak up. Thanks for sharing, don't get discouraged and please, keep writting. :>)
Confidence of Tomorrow