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Reviewer: Aneyrin (Anonymous)
07 Apr 2010 10:14 pm

I don't know how it's possible that you received no reviews so far, and so I decided I'll simply write you one. ;)

I enjoyed reading this story very much. The atmosphere you create with choosing the right words simply amazed me. The concept of your story is original, describing of emotions done very well. I could really just see those moments you describe and therefore couldn't stop reading until I was done. Some parts came a bit short, but this is rather just my personal opinion, since I adore John Sheppard and a bit extended part when he was drunk or something like that, would really be an extra candy for me. On the other hand, the work is perfect the way it is.
The idea of Earth destruction gives a good basis to build on. Your style is realistic and full and I think you deserve more then just my poor words for this story.

However, I hope I offered you just a little feedback, even if I'm not registered here and perhaps won't read anything from you again. ;)


Author's Response: Thank you so much for feedback! I love the idea of Sam/John- personality-wise I think they mesh so nicely :) When I wrote "A Lament For the Living" I had tried to figure out some way to include a Sam/John romance but it just didn't work within the confines of that story, but then the idea of a separate story that ran parallel hit me and I wrote this one. Looking back on it now, you're right, I could have probably expanded some sections a little- it would have added nicely to the piece. But I'm working on a third installment to the series and just like this one expanded on "A Lament", the new story will expand on this one. Thanks again for the feedback!
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