Reviews For Bound in Blue

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Reviewer: A HUGE FAN!!!!! (Anonymous)
22 Mar 2010 7:32 am
Oh my God. You are amazing. I think I love you. Actually I'm pretty sure that I do. The way you give all of there different possible scenarios, especially the last ones, is AMAZING.
Bound in Blue
Reviewer: jh (Anonymous)
11 Jan 2010 9:15 pm
I don't usually like bondage stuff but in this case....YOWSA. I'll just be in my bunk if anyone's looking for me.
Bound in Blue
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
27 Aug 2009 6:56 pm
That is some of the best writing i've ever read. and i've read a LOT. well done...
Bound in Blue
Reviewer: McShepLover (Anonymous)
11 Aug 2009 3:35 am
*finally finds her voice* god. That was just....just...god. That was amazing. I don't even think I can string together a proper sentence considering how many mistakes I've made trying to type this simply comment. Simply, amazing.
Bound in Blue
Reviewer: ladyjanus (Signed)
13 Jul 2009 2:53 am
This is one of the best-written pieces if read in ... forever... Damn good work. I found myself giggling even as I was biting my lip and trying to keep from moaning...
Bound in Blue
Reviewer: Sej (Signed)
11 Jul 2009 5:36 am
I love your style. A really great read.
Bound in Blue
Reviewer: sgakaz (Signed)
10 Jul 2009 3:24 pm
Brain meltingly HOT! :)
Bound in Blue
Reviewer: snowglow (Signed)
10 Jul 2009 11:45 am
Hot, yes, i know, everyone thinks that. but what really did me in was the power flip at the end.

"He can't, because Rodney hasn't allowed it yet."

I gasped. tingles. beautiful.
Bound in Blue
Reviewer: Grateful (Anonymous)
10 Jul 2009 1:26 am
The way you transition from 2nd person to 3rd person and back again is AMAZING! Seemless, and that really helped the story. Very hot.
Bound in Blue
Reviewer: Pinkpetunia (Signed)
09 Jul 2009 3:20 pm
Bound in Blue
Reviewer: parmakai66 (Signed)
09 Jul 2009 3:04 am
Bound in Blue
Reviewer: purrfus (Anonymous)
09 Jul 2009 12:12 am
It scorches.

You melted my imagination and it may never recover.
Bound in Blue
Reviewer: Raven (Signed)
08 Jul 2009 8:25 pm

Oh, hot damn.
Bound in Blue