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Reviewer: go suck on a lemon (Signed)
11 Jul 2009 7:13 am
Oooh, how I wish...
Last Chance
Reviewer: Tamda (Anonymous)
11 Jul 2009 3:55 am
I am dreading season 5... but damn.

If it ends terribly, we can go create a better show, if only in Fic... I can cling to that. I can cling to Fic. And I can see this as a world I'd want to see bloom in spite of cannon.

It's an awesome fannon world seed. Cause it has that unlimited potential. Way to go and please do keep writing more on this and any other ideas!
Last Chance
Reviewer: AliCat (Anonymous)
11 Jul 2009 3:43 am
As a rule I like Jack. Here I just wanted to kick him through the gate.

I hope you continue working in this alternate reality.
Last Chance
Reviewer: auburn (Anonymous)
10 Jul 2009 7:54 pm
If only, if only...
Last Chance
Reviewer: gail (Anonymous)
10 Jul 2009 6:17 pm

There really needs to be so much more of this.
Last Chance