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Reviewer: Pipa (Anonymous)
03 Sep 2009 8:07 pm
Whoa, this was fucking awesome!! :o
Loved the last part between Lorne & Parrish very much!

Author's Response: So happy somebody liked it as much as you did. You should write something and bring more of the Parrish/Lorne love. :D
Reviewer: geekgirl (Signed)
03 Sep 2009 2:21 am
LOVED this

Author's Response: Yaaay, thank you. I still can't help but feel a bit silly that my OTP includes a character that was in the entire series for about five minutes total... :P
Reviewer: Smileybob_MR (Signed)
02 Sep 2009 11:35 pm
Okay wow. You have to finish this because man I really want to know how this ends. Just wow.

Author's Response: You really want me to add more to it? I was just going to end it like that... felt it had the most emotional impact that way.