Reviews For Lost in New York

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Reviewer: D.D.B. (Anonymous)
28 Mar 2010 8:43 pm
Stinkin' AWESOME. Jaw-dropping, eye-popping awesome.

BEST John/Elizabeth fic I've read. The characterizations were spot-on, and I love love love the storylines with the other characters, Ronan, Teyla (Teyla/Carson! Squee!)and the nod to Sg-1 with the bar (I don't do slash, but it was funny!)...

Okay, I'm rambling much, but I love how you portrayed the Elizabeth/John relationship. Writing from John's POV was great, I was in his shoes, and could understand his attraction.

This fic shows me why John/Elizabeth are so GREAT together and would be fabulous as a couple, even if they hadn't met in Atlantis, and were normal people.

You threw in realistic conflict (the "break-up" scene was great) and you showed instead of telling, so many little details about their lives.

Love, love, love! Keep up writing, in general!
Lost in New York
Reviewer: Guinevere (Anonymous)
19 Sep 2009 3:40 am
This was a great story! I'm always a fan of fluff :) Though I'm pretty sure I almost caught the flu just from reading the part where everyone got sick.

Great job!
Lost in New York