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Reviewer: fangirl29 (Signed)
07 Aug 2010 2:34 pm
Oh my gosh! I've only recently started reading SGA and had no idea that Lorne/Sheppard could be so great! The best Lorne/Sheppard story by far is Mutual Misunderstandings. Reading that one story ruined everything for me! Nothing I come across is as good as that ONE story. It's driving me crazy! I decide to check out another one of your posted works and read this one. It's warm and wonderful and makes me feel like I do when I wear my worn, fuzzy sweater on a pleasant winder's day :) I have "real life" things to do but first chance I get I'm reading another one of your stories. You are so talented! Thank you for sharing your work with us mere mortals :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad I managed to warm you up, be sure to remember my fics come January... :))
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Reviewer: not_so_fast (Signed)
13 Jun 2010 11:12 am
It seems to me that I'm betraying my OTP but while reading your stories I believe that John and Rodney are just best friends and the only one John needs in the matter of the heart is Evan. I love the way John is open and eager to discover Lorne and isn't afraid of showing that he cares about Evan, oh, I love your Sheppard in general. Thank you so much!
*hopefully* You've mentioned McKay/Zelenka, aren't you going to write something in that direction, please? It's just because you create a wonderful image of my favourite Canadian as well and I adore your solid and clear language.

Author's Response: Thank you, for the wonderful review. It boasted my self esteem and I'm happy to know that I can convert more people to see the beauty that is John and Evan. It's really quite underrated but it's so much more complex and so much more intense than John/Rodney. I'm happy that you liked my story, and I can only hope that you will continue enjoying the others as well.
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Reviewer: kata (Anonymous)
28 Dec 2009 11:21 pm
Ok I'm now reeeeally tired but reading this was worth it- Ohhh love that story...

Their stay on earth was bittersweet and I liked how you mentioned that John didn't really know much about Lorne (always missed a bit more back/story for the charas and esp. Lorne *g*)...

The end is just cute *eg*

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm happy you enjoyed it! A new Sheppard/Lorne epic is on its way (now going to the beta reader) so stay tuned, but before that - go rest... :))
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
08 Nov 2009 3:04 am
Lovely story- you made me stay up 'til 3am to finish it!

I hated seeing John, Lorne and Carson so frustrated and ill-used by Landry. I know there were existing teams that couldn't just be shuffled around to fit the Atlantis personnel, but it was the terrible missions and the way any mention of Atlantis, any offer of knowledge and experience was just shut down :(. I'm glad Lorne and John managed to take the edge off that frustration together.

Don't tell them I said so, but they were terribly sweet with their dates, and John's awkwardness was cute as much as it was painful :). I'm glad they finally got that kiss with no interruptions o/.


Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! :))
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