Reviews For Einstein

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Reviewer: lilz54 (Signed)
08 Jun 2012 3:30 am
Enjoyed reading this. Thanks for sharing!
Reviewer: Becs (Signed)
28 Dec 2008 4:39 pm
This is lovely. I want more in this verse!
Reviewer: adafrog (Anonymous)
03 Dec 2006 1:16 am
awwwwww! Loved it.
Reviewer: lena (Anonymous)
08 Sep 2006 8:08 pm
now that would be a perfect world where you could kiss your SO before class and not get the crap beat out of you because they just happen to be the same sex. Great story really sweet.
Reviewer: Jessi (Anonymous)
02 Jul 2006 1:12 am
Dude, where *is* this school, how quickly can I enroll there (and, you know, become a 16 year old again) and sign up as an office aide? If I'd had a physics teacher or a math teacher like these two, I might have actuallty payed attention. Or, you know, daydreamed even more (*wink*), lol.
Reviewer: Porthos (Anonymous)
09 May 2006 10:36 pm
Oh. My. Gawd. I am a high school physics teacher, and I COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY get the "speed, velocity, people trying to disprove gravity" comment. I would pay good money for somebody to explain to me what goes through a teenager's mind when you have to say things like, "No, do not get out of this car while it's moving!" (And yes, I have had to say that before...) Also, very sweet story! I love AUs, especially AUs where the characters stay the same, but the circumstances change, and you did a beautiful job of staying true to the characters. Congrats!
Reviewer: Binjali (Anonymous)
10 Dec 2005 8:58 am
I like AUs. This one in particular is good- nice little slice out of another way of them being. I enjoyed it.
Reviewer: Mystic (Anonymous)
06 Nov 2005 8:12 am
This was a cool AU. Very different and I liked that. Perhaps you'll consider doing more in it. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Reviewer: ToraK (Anonymous)
06 Jul 2005 12:57 am
Oh wow, I really like this. And there needs to be more ... much, much more *g*
Reviewer: Sostrata (Anonymous)
01 Jun 2005 7:29 am
Oh, this was just so cuuuute!

Author's Response: Thank you!
Reviewer: kbk (Signed)
15 May 2005 3:00 pm
This is cute and funny. I like the domesticity of the pair of them. I'd like to see more of this AU - like, is Kavanagh the chemistry teacher?

Author's Response: Thank you! I was rather in the mood to write domesticness and this is what came out. And yes, Kavanagh is the Chemistry teacher. (I had the whole staff worked out. *g*)
Reviewer: ElvenWolf (Signed)
14 May 2005 10:21 pm
This was really cute. I cracked up at the READ posters. I wouldn't mind going to that school, let me tell ya. ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much!
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Anonymous)
14 May 2005 6:33 pm
This is a nice AU...and it's definitely a school I would have been happy to go to :). I liked John's present to Rodney, and I chuckled at the hair conversation *g*. Laura.

Author's Response: Thank you! (I'd like to go to that school too, I think. :-D)