Reviews For Hello Timebomb

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Reviewer: Ansku (Signed)
13 Aug 2006 3:22 pm
Good one :)

Author's Response: Thanks!
Scar Tissue
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
14 Oct 2005 4:30 am
Damn, you got that right, my friend. Ya know, I shudder to think what Rodney would've done to Kavanagh. Hopefully just severely mauled the guy and not also have molested him. *shudder* Loved seeing the dark side of our favorite physicist like that. ----}-@ Krys

Author's Response: I can't see Rodney getting sexual with Kavanagh in any capacity whatsoever, so it probablyu would have just been a beating or something. I don't know, though, it's been so long since I wrote that story that I've forgotten what happened and what didn't. *g* Anyway, glad you liked it. Thanks!
Scar Tissue
Reviewer: Niala (Anonymous)
20 Jun 2005 4:06 am
There is so much depth and feeling in this story. Emotionally scarred!Rodney felt so real and IC to me. And John subtlely persuing him was so right.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm especially glad that Rodney seemed in character to you. :)
Scar Tissue
Reviewer: LaC (Anonymous)
24 Mar 2005 3:32 am
Hello Timebomb and Scar Tissue are two of the best SGA M/S stories I've read. The character designs and layers of complexity within the stories combined with the lyrical threads worked for me on every level. I certainly hope you write more; I can see that stories such as yours can provide an excellent anchor for me in this particular slash fandom.

Author's Response: wow! Thank you for your very thoughtful review. I really appreciate it. :-)
Scar Tissue
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Anonymous)
17 Mar 2005 3:21 am
I liked the way you built up Rodney's virus-feelings gradually. It lulled me into thinking that he was just being a little more snarky than usual, until he suddenly snapped and went for John. The middle of the story, where Rodney begins to become aware of Sheppard all of a sudden was good too, I really felt his confusion. And then we progressed to the hotness :), but Rodney wouldn't be Rodney if he didn't still manage to be confused and snarky *g*.

Author's Response: Rodney wouldn't be Rodney if he didn't still manage to be confused and snarky *g*. Indeed. *g* I'm so glad the stories worked for you. Thanks!
Scar Tissue
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