Reviews For Are We There Yet

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Reviewer: Azamiko (Signed)
24 Apr 2012 2:36 am
Nice job keeping Teyla and Ronan involved and caring for the boys. I always like lots of team involvement. Er, that came out wrong...
Chapter 1
Reviewer: ShatteredSig (Signed)
21 Dec 2009 12:45 am
The ending with Ronon just made that much better for me. Very sweet story. Nice job.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Mystic (Signed)
09 Dec 2009 1:16 pm
I liked this story. Though you kind of overlooked the first aid in the field and CMO typically stands for Cheif Medical officer and John's abbreviation would be CO, but they are tiny things and I enjoyed reading the story. Takes a lot for someone like John to open up. Thanks for sharing.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Pinkpetunia (Signed)
21 Nov 2009 10:40 pm
For the most part I liked this story. Could definitely use a beta. The typos weren't too numerous, but you need to pay attention to your tenses and your sentence structure.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Jade (Anonymous)
20 Nov 2009 4:10 pm
In the first paragraph you have a typo. Replace cost with coast.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Raven (Signed)
20 Nov 2009 6:12 am
Oh, such a wonderful story. Ah, my heart just ached when Rodney was hurt! Such a good story, thank you for sharing!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Vigs (Anonymous)
19 Nov 2009 5:03 pm
An interesting planet situation and a nice bit of waiting-room agony.
The story would benefit from a beta, though.
Thank you for sharing it!
Chapter 1