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Reviewer: Jara (Anonymous)
07 Dec 2009 12:23 am
I loved the story. It seems to be a great start to something so much more. I do hope you get inspired again. I really liked the pictures. I put one of them up as a my desktop background. Did you make them?

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it and I'm hoping I'll be inspired too. Yes, those are my manips and I'm thrilled that you're using one as a background. Thanks!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
02 Dec 2009 9:59 am
What an intriguing AU. I'd love to read a longer story, or sequel, if you ever decide to do it.


Author's Response: Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it and I'm hoping more will appear in the future if inspiration strikes. :-D
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
02 Dec 2009 5:50 am
O please, please, please write the whole story! Pretty please with strawberries.* Big puppy eyes* Channiek

Author's Response: Believe me, if I'm ever blessed with more, it will be written. Thanks!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Jailyn (Anonymous)
02 Dec 2009 2:14 am
I really liked how you wrote this story. It's a great base for something bigger! Maybe the muse will srike again and you will write more???

Author's Response: Who knows if inspiration will visit again, I certainly can never predict it. :-D Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed what I managed to snatch during the last visit!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Lady J (Signed)
01 Dec 2009 7:58 pm
I remember reading this over on LJ and I'm glad to see it again here. If the muse ever strikes again I hope to read more, but if not, thanks for this. You actually painted a pretty broad picture of what is/could be happening with enough room for readers to fill in their own blanks. I'm not the biggest John/Rodney fan but you leavened it with a nice dose of Ronon and Teyla(!) and that made it work even better for me. Great job.

Author's Response: I keep looking at this story and wishing I had more - it was fun to write what I had. It would definitely be a team piece, Ronon and Teyla would be vital. Thanks so much for letting me know you enjoyed it!
Chapter 1