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Reviewer: iubeoiubar (Signed)
21 Apr 2013 2:42 am
This was awesome! I really liked how you showed each character's perspective (especially Woolsey's!) and how you showed the integration of the crew of the Serenity. Keep up the good work! -iubeoiubar
True Dawn
Reviewer: bluesun89 (Signed)
29 Mar 2012 12:27 am
It's an interesting story. Brilliant in places, with startlingly accurate dialogue from both verses. Jumbled in others, skipping around too much to make sense. The relationships seem too fleeting, and I feel we need more time in this strange verse to explore all the pairings. At any rate, the gorram thing kept me reading for the better part of two hours, so I consider that a success on the part of the writer, certainly.
True Dawn
Reviewer: Sulien (Signed)
31 Jan 2010 7:18 am
Trippy as all hell and fun as all get out! Crossovers, especially well written ones, are my catnip. Thank you kindly for sharing this, I greatly enjoyed it.

Author's Response: Thanks! We (sasha_feather and I) had a lot of fun writing it.
True Dawn
Reviewer: encchick (Signed)
19 Dec 2009 10:58 am
that was utterly delightful! Loved it. Rodney is an intergalactic slut. *shakes head* but he's still John's, :) and I loved seeing the cast of Firefly in the SGA verse. Thanks for that.

Author's Response: Thank you! We had a lot of fun writing it, and trying to figure out plausible (HA, sf-plausible, I mean) ways to get the Serenity crew into Pegasus, and then what to do with them when they got there.
True Dawn
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
18 Dec 2009 9:32 am
This was very intriguing. I liked the various ways the characters interacted and the relationships they struck up. I can definitely see why the Serenity crew are happy enough stuck in the wrong 'verse ;). Nice idea for River and the Wraith, too. Take that, Michael!


Author's Response: Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed it! We had a lot of fun writing it. Also, as much as I love Connor Trinneer, I have to say that sticking it to Michael always brings me joy. :D
True Dawn
Reviewer: adafrog (Anonymous)
15 Dec 2009 10:57 pm
Great crossover, thanks.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! :)
True Dawn
Reviewer: Peri (Anonymous)
15 Dec 2009 4:10 pm
*flails* Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful and all so true to caracter. I especially loved the Teyla - River connection... but are you ever going to tell us how the Wraith got mixed up with the Reavers and River??? More Please!

Author's Response: So glad you liked it! Heh, we haven't considered writing more, but maybe someday sasha_feather and I will have a collective (or who knows, separate!) brainwave. I would love to see someone else write in this universe, too; more Firefly/SGA is right up my alley.
A Slight Irrevocable Detour