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Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
27 Jan 2010 8:47 pm
I read the story, and didn't make any sense to me. THEN I read the discussion! OMG! ROFL!!!

I read the story again, and ROFL!!! Again, I know there must some rule against that.

-btw- I checked the comm but this is all I got: Error This journal has been deleted and purged.

Purged??? I think there was a rule against that too!

I never thought dull sex would be sooo fun! THANKS!

Author's Response: Thanks for seeking out the discussion and giving my fic another try! I had a feeling it wouldn't make sense otherwise. ;)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Blacky (Anonymous)
02 Jan 2010 10:58 pm
Mle-he-he-he! Kink-free sex, yeeees, inded. I've seen The List, I say: good job. How about interspecies kink-free sex? What do you say bout that? Think it's managable?

Author's Response: Going by their list, I'm pretty sure interspecies sex is a no-no, even if it's not explicitly mentioned. In fact, I think the only reason homosexuality wasn't on there is because the list was written by slashers.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Raven (Signed)
01 Jan 2010 3:20 am
LOL! Omg! Beautiful! I haven't laughed so hard in so long!!

Author's Response: Thank you!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Pinkpetunia (Signed)
31 Dec 2009 6:34 pm
Even without first reading the discussion you referenced, I laughed my head off reading this. The sad part is there are some people IRL who view sex this way. Those are people, of course, who don't like sex and everything it implies, but I find it very sad.

Author's Response: I did feel bad for John and Rodney while I was writing this. If they ever did manage to have sex, it wouldn't be any fun!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: sgakaz (Signed)
30 Dec 2009 11:17 pm
I read the discussion first, I can't imagine that the community in question has much if any fic, makes the mind boggle. I love my John possessive and my Rodney deep down happy about it :)

Author's Response: I'm pretty sure none of the SGA fics I've written would have met that community's rules. Even the ones without sex!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: fan64 (Anonymous)
30 Dec 2009 2:22 am
Okay, I read this the first time without reading th link and I was like, "Oh my god, that's the worst fic ever..were they robots or what?" so I read the first review and then went and read the link you had directed us to. First I weeping with laughter just at the things tha were forbidden...and then I re-read your fic and howled. So good. Funniest in ages. Question: if one were to write a fic about MIko or Teyla and well, anybody...would that be a violation of the exocticism ban?

Author's Response: Yes, everyone must be the same in order to have sex; that way no one feels compelled to appreciate their partner's body, which is also frowned upon.rnrnGlad you liked the fic. Thanks for commenting!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Madison (Signed)
29 Dec 2009 7:29 pm
OMG. I read the discussion first and boy, oh boy am I glad I did because all the restrictions to meet the com's requirements were a riot to read. Which made this little piece truly a gem. It *would* take a spreadsheet to keep track of all the 'forbidden' elements...

Author's Response: The best part is that the list often contradicted itself, like the room couldn't be shadowy, but it couldn't be bright, either. Thanks for the comment!
Chapter 1