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Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
14 Feb 2010 3:04 am
Yay, sequel o/. Another one for the favourites!

Poor John, in a coma for so long and then waylaid by the recovery and the migrane attacks :(. Poor Rodney, too, having to deal with it all and get used to the idea that John might never wake up :(.

I get why everyone kept all the goings on from John while he was recovering, but at the same time, I wonder whether it was the best idea, as the not knowing made him just as stressed and anxious. Oh well, one of those no win situations I guess.

I liked being in John's pov for this story and being there with him in the dark, waiting for little titbits of information; getting his reaction to each bit of news and seeing the reunion with his sisters.

As before, I loved the characterisations, especially John and Rodney. It was good to see SG-1 popping in and I enjoyed the interactions between John and Jack.

I'm glad Carson's been able to finally sort out the migraine problem for the most part and that John will get to play with the new ship. What he did against those hives was impressive, but yquite disorintating, so hopefully that will improve with practise and without a migraine coming on.

I've enjoyed this series very much, even if I'm writing this review at 3.03am! At least it's Sunday and I don't have to get up ;).

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