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Reviewer: Saikyi (Signed)
06 May 2015 4:40 am
Frankly john here irked me in all sorts of ways. The way he handled the issue is completely immature and the ridiculous fairytale ending is absurd.

Author's Response: I never claimed that John wasn't acting immature. *shrugs* And I can totally see why his behavior would not sit well with you, but I repeat, THIS WAS THE PROMPT. It was what my recipient wanted. I delivered. I do not necessarily share either of John's or Rodney's beliefs. I do not necessarily think that (in RL) this would be an adequate way to handle the situation. Again, THIS WAS THE PROMPT. I'm sort of getting sick and tried of having to repeat myself. I'm sick and tired of getting the same reviews over and over again, only to give the same responses. Read the warnings and hit the back button if it's not your cup of tea.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Shelbylou (Signed)
08 Oct 2010 10:40 pm
You know what really gets my goat?

FLAMERS!!! After reading exactly what other people have reviewed, I have come to the conclusion that they have no idea about how what they write can affect an author.

all they have seen is the pro/ante abortion argument and to me, that was not the focus of the story.

In short, I personally loved it! and I agree with the other readers that say you should write a sequel, because you really, really should. I'd like to see how they progress from this point on to the birth of their daughter.

It was well written and emotional. A damn fine read if I do say so myself.

Please, Please don't let the small minded people who just want to rain on your parade get you down.

A quick note to the 'anon' reviewers - if you're gonna flame or leave derogatory reviews, then at least grow a pair and leave your name because seriously, it's cowardly to hide behind that and if you feel strongly about something, then you wouldn't hide.

Good job! the story was brilliant!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: ca_pierson (Signed)
31 Mar 2010 3:31 pm
Okay, so you know I've followed all the reviews on this and I figured I might as well leave you one, too, just to ... dunno, balance it out maybe? Or maybe because sometimes it's good to put down and send out what I've already told you personally. Anyway, here goes!

You know I'm very pro-choice, heh, we've 'discussed' it before and I'm sure you remember all our other 'discussions' that are incredibly frustrating - but also lots and lots of fun :D.

That said, when I betaed this I never though of it as propaganda or you being against women, anti-choice or whatever else has been said in previous comments. Considering you were really rather stumped as to how you could possibly get this particular scenario into the shape of a story that isn't 50k words long and spans several months in minute detail. All in all the prompt was really quite restrictive in my opinion, but that in itself is the best way to get what you want from fic exchanges. Detailed prompts aren't all bad, aside from the people who get that one fic that they've been wanting to read for ages, and it's been written specifically for THEM. I think that's the most important part to remember about sga_santa: it's about the people who participate and their perfect fic.

I loved the story as it ended up and I remember I wasn't very kind when I betaed it. Probably was very frustrating because, knowing myself, I gave you quite a few comments. I was there throughout the writing process and I know how much you struggled in the begining, some place in the middle, and definitely in the end. But you didn't give up, you could have, but you didn't and I think it ended up quite perfect for the person whose prompt you were given. The opinions of the characters and their views fit in with the framework you were given and I'm pretty sure I couldn't have done it any better if our roles had been reversed. Which, yes, not possible :) I don't put mpreg on my list of writing for no reason, my version only works until they get pregnant and then I usually tend to jump a few months ... well, you know how it is.

Hmmm, yeah, I guess this is what I wanted to say. *hugs*
Chapter 1
Reviewer: lilu (Anonymous)
28 Mar 2010 4:31 am
I felt compelled to review having read the backlash you has experienced over this. I just wanted to show some support in saying that I entirely understand your perspective.

Obviously, this is a contentious issue and I by no means seek to belittle it or the opinions of those who have posted (nor, I imagine, do you). However, this is not a public broadcast - this is a piece of fiction and the raw *emotional* reaction John shows is characterization.

The actions and reactions of characters cannot always be in line with our own beliefs. It is the responsibility of us as readers to draw from a story our own interpretations, not for the author to pander to our personal convictions. That in itself would be the weakest form of writing.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: C Johnson (Anonymous)
26 Mar 2010 2:42 am
Cute and cool how John and Rodney can have a kid together. But I am very pro-choice and I don't think of abortions as murder. And I don't think Rodney should've kept it. John was incredibly shallow and angry at him and as soon as he finds out the baby is still there, everything starts to get better. It's just petty. Also, it seems like Rodney is trying to hard to get John to forgive him. But that's just me. Keep writing.

Author's Response: =) I like the concept of M-preg a lot, which is why I might have received the assignment for the secret santa. It's okay to be pro-choice and it's okay to not think of it as murder, In fact I never would call anyone having an abortion a killer or murderer. As for Rodney keeping the baby ... the prompt said Rodney doesn't want it, John does, break up, make up. I can't see the making up part happening (happy end was requirement) with Rodney going through with the abortion. In my head Rodney was jut overwhelmed and confused and scared and that is why he thought about it more thoroughly and then decided that even if he couldn't be a good father, maybe having the child and giving it to John might be a good solution. People do stupid things when pregnant *wink* As for John, the whole thing with Nancy deceiving him and Rodney's NOT TELLING HIM (which is what really set him off after the incident with Nancy) I think that he had a rather rude knee-jerk reaction. *shrugs* This was the only way I thought the concept would work and I am not going to apologize for my plot or for the character traits I chose to give my characters. It's good to know that people can have different opinions on a topic and still be civil about voicing them. Thank you for your review.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
25 Mar 2010 10:26 pm
I submitted my comments anonymously for very good reason. Put a woman in Rodney's place - yes, it's fiction, yes, men get pregnant in this universe. I've read a bunch of Mpreg and loved it; I've read a bunch of "should I give birth or not" stuff and have never had the "eww" factor like I did with this. But, put a woman in Rodney's place in today's society - throw the baby killer stuff at her - and what do we get? Bombings and murder by so-called "Pro-Life" nuts. This rhetoric, even in a work of fiction, is unproductive and dangerous. The fact that many who have read the story don't see it and neither does the author is truly sad and is borderline misogynistic. The sad part it is, it would have been a fine, angsty story without John resulting to hate speech toward a man he claims to care about and love. I only kept reading the story because I was hoping someone would set John straight - hopefully Rodney - and tell him to get his head out of his ass. Wanting children and calling your boyfriend a baby killler are very different things. I've never "flamed" anything before and could have called myself "Bob" for all it matters, so being Anonymous really doesn't matter. I've reviewed here under a name I use for fiction, but again, I didn't use it for good reason, since I really don't know how people who would read this and not get how truly disturbing it is would react. Delete this comment - delete the other - whatever - since you truly don't get what you wrote, it really doesn't matter.

Author's Response: Listen, I've been trying to be patient. I've been trying to be very patient because clearly, you don't get what I am saying at all. I'm pretty sure that we could go back and forth forever and ever like this. I'm pretty sure you even believe the stuff you're saying. If you would have paid attention, you would have seen John never actually CALLS Rodney a killer, Rodney however does call John one. If you had paid attention you would have seen I wrote this story for a very specific prompt, one which included Rodney wanting abortion and John wanting to keep the baby. If you had paid attention then you would have seen I didn't react the way I did to your comment because I think calling someone having an abortion a "killer" is just the right thing to do and wanted to contradict you, but to the way you treated me, the story and the readers. And yes,I think that it is a cowardly thing to do, calling my story dreck and me dishonest but then hiding behind going Anonymous because you "didn't know how people would react". Quite frankly, I'm surprised about your arrogance, not accepting any other opinion besides yours and then indirectly calling everyone who has a different opinion than you "borderline misogynistic". You said you never "flamed" anything before - am I supposed to be happy I was the first? I didn't delete your so called review but chose to answer it - and this one - because I believe that had I just deleted it, you and others would have viewed it as some sort of "She only keeps the ones that agree with her" thing. I did however report the review as being rude - which it was. But, as it is, after meeting people like you, who think pointing and screaming is the thing to do and I really don't want to attract any more militant pro-choice people who think they need to reform me (and my readers) and show me the error of my ways, I might just take the story down from this archive and be done with it. This whole thing is getting ridiculous and I don't want anyone else getting their panties in a twist over a fictional character who thinks in his own head of the termination of a pregnancy as "killing his child". The whole hassle with you seriously ruined the previously very positive feeling I had about the fandom. Congratulations, you really pissed me off.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: flubber (Signed)
25 Mar 2010 8:25 pm
How interesting that Anonymous decided to deliver their tirade anonymously and to explain for two other people! (People like that really get up my nose.!!!!)

I will admit that I am pro-choice. But that being said, there was nothing in the story that squicked me or made me go ewwe. In-fact it was the opposite in so much as I wanted to bat John over the head with the nearest pillow many times for not trying to get in touch with Rodney to let him know how he really felt!

In terms of the story itself, I felt that you had things just right. In terms of what we know about John in cannon, even in an AU I could see him wanting to have children. Also from what we know of Rodney, how he feels about children and how he sees his place on the expedition, I could totally see him being that way.

I felt that the way that you protrayed their reactions was right as it came from two people who were not prepared for parenthood. For me it was totally in character. I also felt that the way that Rodney reacted was right too. After all John had made it pretty clear at one point that he wanted him gone because he wanted to get rid of the child. Is it any wonder that he thought that John didn't want him around. After all he is not the smartest mind around when it comes to things like that.
Also, I found Anonymous' assertion that Rodney begged for forgivness laughable. It was more an understandable expression of confusion and getting things out in his mind.
John came over as a little bit thick on his understanding on the matter too. I am amazed that he didn't realize why Rodney was being the way that he was.
All in all a very well written and well thought out story.

Author's Response: THANK YOU! Thank you for this elaborate and wonderful review. I was trying to fit the prompt and still have them be as much in character as I could manage. I think that after the betrayal from Nancy's side, John would have that kind of knee jerk reaction. And Rodney never wanted children in the first place, but given the circumstances I think he would at least think about it some more and not make a rash decision. Yes, I agree, Rodney wasn't begging for anything. (BEGGING is something else in my POV) He was just confused and hurt and he tried to do what he thought was best. And yes, aren't they just both a bit thick? They are really not equipped to deal with emotional matters properly. *grin* Thank you for telling me that not everyone who is pro-choice necessarily thinks I wanted to force-feed them anything. So once again, thank you for your review, it really made me feel better - even though "Anonymous" seems to feel the need to defend themselves once again. I'm sorely tempted to take the story down. *sigh*
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Anonymous (Anonymous)
25 Mar 2010 4:26 am
I'll explain for "WTF" because they, and "Time and Tide" feel the same way I do. This was the meanest, most disturbing use of "baby killer" and "killed my baby" dreck I've ever read. That you don't see it is simply insulting to my intelligence - or you are dishonest. I won't call it pro-choice or anti-choice - it's inflammatory and like TaT said, it's propaganda. That, even if Rodney had decided to end his pregnancy - John wouldn't have stood by the man he loved during that hard choice is horrible. And, to depict Rodney as grateful for John "taking him back" is a further insult. John should be falling at Rodney's feet asking for forgiveness for John being a total asshole about the whole thing. Your response to TaT just shows that your version of John is a person I'd never want to know, that he's the biggest hypocrite in the universe, and Rodney should go find someone who will stand by him through thick and thin. Disturbing, the whole thing.

Author's Response: You know, I was tempted to report your so called review because clearly you don't understand what constructive critique means. Calling the work of someone else "dreck" surely isn't. I don't really care what you think I should "see" or if your intelligence feels insulted by a piece of FICTION and I think I don't like being called dishonest, either. It is a well known FACT that there are people out there who DO view abortion as KILLING. You might not like that fact, you might not like the fact that I made this universe's John one of those people, you might not even like the other character traits I gave this John, but you know what? You don't actually need to. (BTW, there are a lot of fics out there where John is a cold hearted killer, a rapist, a slave owner and whatnot, do you flame those as well?) No-one forced you to read the story to the end or even read it to begin with. No-one said you have to agree with how the John in the fic handled the situation. You are entitled to your own opinion, just don't try to force it on someone else. Don't try to tell me and the other readers how we are oh-so-wrong, because it is not your place to decide. Don't try to tell me how I should have written MY story. Because you know what? The story is EXACTLY the way I and the one I gifted wanted it. If you can't accept that there are people who have other opinions than yours or if this topic is a real squick for you, guess, what? Just stay away from it. Because *I* do feel insulted by what you just had the audacity to declare a "review". And if you insult me or the story I have written again, I will report it and I will delete the review.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: chimeradragon (Anonymous)
25 Mar 2010 2:11 am
I liked it. Nicely done, but you should write an epi with their daughter!

Author's Response: If the muses give me an idea, I think I might. Thanks for your review!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: IndigoCat (Anonymous)
24 Mar 2010 12:39 am
Loved the story. Poor Rodney and John. Hope everything works out for them.

Author's Response: In my head they did live happily ever after. (after a LONG talk) LOL. Thanks for your review.
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Time and tide (Anonymous)
23 Mar 2010 4:58 am
Hmm, I am not sure what to make of your constant use of the word Kill and Killer to describe abortion of a foetus (not a child). I am pro-choice so I found it kind of immature to have a writer use those terms here.

Sorry but I just do not see abortion as an act of killing and I don't feel a writer should spread that kind of propaganda. Least not without warning.

Author's Response: I'm not sure what to say to that. Nowhere in my fic do I state that the one carrying the child doesn't have the right to decide for themselves. In fact I have John thinking that they DO have that right. The fact that JOHN does view an abortion as Rodney "killing his child" Because apparently for John in this fic, he feels that way. Rodney however is clearly of the opinion it is his decision to make. See, both of their opinions are THEIRS, not mine. The one I gifted wanted m-preg with John wanting the baby and Rodney not wanting it. This is a John POV and yes, he feels strongly about this topic. HE apparently sees a foetus as a child already, like, let's say, many religious people do. There is nothing PROPAGANDA about it. It has nothing to do with immature or the way I personally might feel about the matter. It is what the character in the fic feels like. If this was a fic about someone thinking BDSM is sick it would still not be propaganda against BDSM but something I chose the character to feel like. I'm not sure what upset you so much, because clearly you seem to think your opinion is the only right one when it comes to abortion. In my POV there is no wrong or right. This is fiction and clearly, people can decide for themselves what they think about abortion and what not. Just because YOU don't see abortion as an act of killing doesn't mean every reader out there has to agree with you. I chose to let John have those feelings and thoughts for a certain purpose and I see no need at all to warn for the content of the personal feelings of one of my characters. Otherwise I would have more warnings than story if i put everything in someone could take the wrong way. Thank you for your review!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Mackenzie's Momma (Anonymous)
22 Mar 2010 6:11 am
Okay I'm not normally a huge fan of slash but I absolutely totally *loved* this story. It made me laugh, it made me cry it made my night really.

I'd love to see what happens after this point in time for John and Rodney actually.

Author's Response: Awwwww. That is such a huge compliment for me. Thank you! *hands you tissue* I hope you're feeling better now, no more crying, okay? Also, I actually tried to write an Epilogue set in the future where their daughter marries Evan's and Radek's son, but, um, it didn't turn out all that well. I think I've not written such a Mary-Sue-ish thing in years and I binned it without showing it to anyone. That being said, if I ever get bitten by that particular plotkitten again, I might write a sequel. Just now though that is pretty unlikely. Thank you for your review!
Chapter 1
Reviewer: WTF? (Anonymous)
22 Mar 2010 2:58 am
I mean, WTF?

Author's Response: I'm not sure what you mean by that, actually, but I'll try not to feel insulted.
Chapter 1