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Reviewer: icantbelieveitsnotjohnsheppard (Signed)
29 Aug 2011 1:18 am
How many times have I cried while reading this? I lost count at eight. I was reading it in front of 'funniest home videos' with my folks and burst into tears just a some guy was stacking his bike and they were all laughing.
I seriously cannot even begin to explain how totally awesome this serious is. Not to mention that I'm an Aussie so I love Savage Garden/Daren Hayes to death and appreciate that someone else gets his many layers of lyrical awesomeness. Is it going to continue? Cuz really, I don't know what to do without it (except read BCD, of course, which I'm *slowly* making my way through whilst reading others on the side). ;)

Author's Response: Aw, sorry to make you cry. Especially while watching Funniest Home Videos, cause that's some funny stuff. :D I'm so glad you like the series. I LOVE Darren Hayes. Seriously, the man is my idol. On my LJ I have a post where all I do is gush about how much his music means to me. I just love him soooo much. \o/ As for TDTWM... there's another story in the works right now, with a couple more tentatively planned, but I'm never sure. I try to write each story as though it could be the last, just in case. So we'll see. :D Cheers, Ace
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Reviewer: Ochibichan (Signed)
21 Feb 2011 5:55 am
I loved your series, it was raw and heartbreaking and I cry so many times. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much. Thanks for reading. Cheers, Ace
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Reviewer: LoveJunkie (Signed)
27 Nov 2010 9:44 am
This 'verse deserves all the love in the freaking world.

I cried! Three times! In the pass five hours that I spent reading this series!

Your writing is amazing and wonderful and my heart aches for your characters and cheers when each one of the thousand of pieces of John is put back together.

Seriously, I wept like a baby when John broke down in the bathroom.

I adore the bonds between all the friends.

Your Cam is the ideal husband that I swear I will one day have. :)

Did I mention how awesome and beautiful your works are? I can't believe I'm gonna spend my weekend reading BCD even though I usually shy away from original characters!

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! Sorry to make you cry!! ((hugs)) Glad you enjoyed the series. =) (I cried while writing the bathroom scene, heh, so I think we're even on that front! =) Cam is definitely the husband I strive for also. Here's to hoping! Thank you for reading. And I hope you enjoy BCD, it's my baby. =) Cheers, Ace
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Reviewer: sperrywink (Signed)
16 Nov 2010 11:10 pm
I can't even begin to express how much I love this series. The emotions are so poignant.

Author's Response: Thank you. =) I'm so glad you're enjoying it. Cheers, Ace
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Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
04 Nov 2010 9:22 am
Another wonderful addition to the series. I always love the relationships you've weaved between all the characters and it was interesting to see Vala fitting into it all and how well she and John seemed to get on- surprising, given how uncomfortable she made him in the beginning.

I loved the big Thanksgiving with all their friends and family. And I also loved John and Cam's quiet moments together.

It looks like Wendy has figured out why John is like he is. Hopefully that will ease things between them. It was sad to see Cam so upset by her telling him it wasn't too late to find someone else and it was even more sad to see him crying in the shower and then frightening John when it all got too much. I'm glad they straightened that out.

It's good that John's parents are going to move nearer before long.

I look forward to the next installment, wherever that may take them.


Author's Response: Hey Laura, Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. I actually had more on Vala that I decided to cut and then put into the next story. So it shall be there! And it starts to touch on the different personalities between Vala and John. =) Glad you liked Thanksgiving. It's actually one of my least favorite holiday, but it works for this story, I think. In the next one I hope to cover Christmas. And Wendy... *looks innocent* Who knows what will happen there? I kind of like her as the side protagonist. Lol. I'm going to try my best to get the next one out for Christmas, but I'm not sure. I have so much I'm working on right now. But I'll try my best! Cheers, Ace
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Reviewer: Formaldehyde (Signed)
03 Nov 2010 3:35 pm
Thank you so, so much for this. I find a new favorite with each and every installment, but I must say I think this one is my very favorite. It just takes my breath away and has me on the verge of tears. Thank you so, so much again.

Author's Response: You're so very, very welcome. =) I don't have favorites, but there's definitely a lot I like in this one. *g* Glad you enjoyed it. Cheers, Ace
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Reviewer: Jantique (Signed)
29 Oct 2010 9:09 pm
I LOVE these stories! The four men definitely have a gestalt "a functional unit more than the summation of its parts". I think they all (and Evan) understand that the group comes first. And yes, I'm glad that Wendy is buying a clue! And I'm glad that John can tell everyone that he loves them. Carry on!

Author's Response: Hey Jantique, thanks. I'm so glad you're enjoying the series, and the group dynamics. Thanks for reading. Cheers, Ace
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Reviewer: gemini (Signed)
24 Oct 2010 3:05 pm
I had your writing recommended to me and I'm so happy I did. This and it's predecessors had me hooked (seriously.Try cooking a roast dinner with you're iPod attached to your hand - it can't be done).It was heart wrenching in places, heart breakingly beautiful in others as they all worked as a unit but eternally awe inspiring.

Every time I reached the end of one I was desperately looking for more, wanting to know the next step for not only John and Cam but for Daniel and Rodney too.

The understanding between them all even with Evan is breath taking making the most unique marriage of a group of people. Each personality leads into the next forming the unlikiest of bonds that are so lovable.

I'd love love love to see more from this. Is there a chance of a bit of happy for Daniel?

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I'm flattered that you would follow up on a recommendation. =) "Unique marriage of people"... I've never really though about it like that, but you're totally right. That's pretty much what it is. =) I think there will be at least two more entries into the series, but definitely with room for me. And I honestly don't know how I'm going to end it yet. Happy for Daniel... Hmm, I'm not sure. Where he is now, I think it might be hard, since he's so devoted to John, and such an intricate part of John. (Which makes it sound like it's all about John, but I think Daniel is just as attached as he is.) So I don't know. I do know that I'm *not* pairing Daniel with Vala. So I'm not sure of who else to give the happy with. Any ideas? Glad you enjoyed the story. Thanks for reading. =) Cheers, Ace
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Reviewer: go suck on a lemon (Signed)
23 Oct 2010 7:03 am
Fabulous once again. Vala is an interesting addition, I'n quite glad to see her make an entrance.

Author's Response: Thank you. =) And glad you enjoyed Vala. It was my first time writing her, but she's definitely fun. Cheers, Ace
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Reviewer: Kazbaby (Signed)
22 Oct 2010 4:02 pm
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for finally being able to give us this part. I still don't know what it is about this series that hits the right spots but this new part continued to knock me over. When Cam broke down in the shower and then realized John was in the bathroom with him I pretty much held my breath worried at John's reaction, at what Cam would reveal about his reasons for crying and then John's reaction to *that*. What I wasn't expecting was Cam actually shouting and I should have because of how he was emotionally fragile at that moment. And my response to how John might take it: 'oh crap, oh crap, oh crap'!

The friendship between all four men is an amazing thing and you really nailed it how each one is there for the other, at how each man continues where the other leaves off, and it bleeds over to their other relationships effortlessly.

I hate that Cam's parents continue to let themselves be blind to the truth in Cam and John's relationship and refuse to see how they're the ones that are making Cam unhappy. But at least we get to see Wendy finally (HOPEFULLY) get some understanding into who John is and what he's overcome in the past in order to become the man that Cam loves.

Other than the final scene (which was simply beautiful), my very favorite scene in the story (and there are actually a great many scenes I love in this) was in the resturant and how John stood up without a word to help the woman at the bar. I know that he's always tried to defend others but this scene was a fine example of who John is at his core. And it is also shows us, along with Cam and his parents, just how much strength he has inside to be able to face down one of his past horrors. I honestly don't think he could have confronted that aggressive drunk the way he did, at least not while in his John Mason persona, before he'd let Cam into his life. Not to say that he'd just let the other man hurt that woman, just that I don't think he could have taken the initiative the way he did at this point. Which feels weird to think in regards to John but given his responses and how he was *conditioned* to that type of behavior in the past, it feels right.

If you continue on with the series (to which I'd get down on my knees and beg for more if I could), do you see them eventually leading to the Atlantis expedition? And if so, will you have John, Cam and Rodney (and hopefully Daniel) go? Because it'd be interesting to see how John continues to grow and gain strength as he faces things in Pegasus. Plus, given how much he's also a scientist in this series I could see him falling more in love with Atlantis than we know he does in Canon. And ooo...the way he copes with math (and how freaking *awesome* was Rodney's description of John's mind and mathmatics?!!) would be kickass to see when he meets the city. And whether or not that she's sentient would be great to see as well. By that I mean, if she is it'd be cool to see her 'take him in' as if she were her child (well, if a city could *have* kids) and how that would either help or hinder his emotional recovery. Not I ever expect him to be healed completely, because I honestly can't see that he'd be that whole given how badly he's hurt his entire life. I agreed with you when you'd mentioned that something similar in a respose to (my?) comment in a previous part.

Sorry for going on for so long but I just wanted to get these thoughts out to you on the story. I have a tendency to sometimes babble with my feedback when I have more than just 'ooo...pretty' to say ;) and also have a bad habit of throwing out possible storylines because my mouth (in this case fingers) like to run off ahead of my brain. So I apologize for being a total dork. *blush*

Thank you again for this newest part, I'd really been looking forward to it and the result was worth the wait.

Author's Response: Hey, wow! You're very welcome. =) Sorry it took so long. I love that shower scene. And probably not for the reason most people love shower scenes, lol. So I'm glad it was able to draw you i a bit. =) And I'm glad you like their friendship, it's great to write that. Cam's parents are actually sorta based off some family members of a friend of mine. (lol, the whole write what you know, thing.) But I couldn't leave Wendy out there to dry forever, I had to get her on the clue bus somehow. =) I'm so glad you enjoyed the restaurant scene. That was actually inspired by a reader who sorta requested that John be all John Sheppard in front of Cam's mom, for once. And you're definitely right, before Cam, I'm not so sure he would have done that, he was much of solitary. I'm definitely continuing with this story, with at least two more parts. But I'm sorry to say that I don't really see them going to Atlantis. Which isn't to say that it's out of the realm of possibility, but as things stand right now, I can't see it. John would be separated from his parents, and I'm not sure he'd ever be able to do that or get over it. And no apologies necessary. I have a wallet, from my mom, that says DORK right on it, in huge lettering. Haha. Thanks for leaving a note, it was awesome. And thank you for reading. =) Cheers, Ace
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