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Reviewer: jikan (Anonymous)
04 Oct 2006 7:00 pm
Lovely, lovely smut!

Author's Response: ::grins:: glad you enjoyed! wags, SW
Reviewer: bridget (Anonymous)
05 Jun 2005 11:24 am
This was so sweet! Not to mention hot. :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for letting me know. wags, springwoof
Reviewer: Tarlan (Signed)
22 May 2005 3:50 pm
That was so sweet and sey, and so Rodney in his reactions and thoughts. I'd love to read a companion piece for John's pov throughtout this amazing scene.

Author's Response: Thanks for the nice comment! I really don't have more for this, though. Feel free to write the companion piece from John's POV if you would like to -- I agree it would be cool to see it. wags, springwoof
Reviewer: Purpleyin (Anonymous)
22 May 2005 12:59 am
Pretty damn hot at the start and with a very sweet ending too :)

Author's Response: *smiles* I'm glad you liked it! was afraid it might be *too* sweet--but apparently sweet is ok as long as there is some counterbalancing angst in there as well...thanks for commenting. wags, springwoof
Reviewer: eli (Anonymous)
21 May 2005 11:10 pm
That was the *hottest* thing I've ever read. Could we have more chapters so we can see this relationship develop more? I'm a complete sop for first time stories.

Author's Response: so pleased you liked it! sorry, i don't have any sequels floating around in the ol' noggin. you have my blessing to take over this version of the guys and involve them in your own adventures, though. I'd love to see what you'd have in store for them... wags, springwoof
Reviewer: ikswo (Anonymous)
21 May 2005 6:04 pm
aww, so adorable...

Author's Response: *grins* am glad you liked! thanks for letting me know. wags, springwoof
Reviewer: anonymouse (Anonymous)
21 May 2005 5:50 pm
Wow, that was hot! An observing Rodney is very hot indeed! Great job. Oh, and thanks for the kissing, I've always felt there should be more kissing with Rodney.

Author's Response: thanks for the comment! I absolutely agree with you--more kissing is vital. wags, springwoof
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Anonymous)
21 May 2005 2:07 pm
OMG this is great. I love the idea of John being so silent and Rodney having to pay that much more attention for his reactions- that was hot. Well, all of it was really *g*. I'm pleased that they finally got to the same page at the end, and John stopped Rodney's misery cold :). Laura.

Author's Response: So glad you liked it! thanks for commenting. wags, springwoof
Reviewer: angel (Anonymous)
21 May 2005 12:12 pm
very sweet

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. wags, springwoof