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Reviewer: twinchaosblade (Signed)
30 Aug 2007 5:39 am
Your intense and very emotional character study of Rodney and to a degree also of Carson moved me deeply and sent me sobbing on more than one occasion. How he ached and more often than not failed to acknowledge the other's pain was simply heartbreaking.
Icelus, part 5 of 5
Reviewer: Manic (Signed)
12 May 2007 6:02 am
Absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing. My husband is mad at me. I better go to bed now.
Icelus, part 5 of 5
Reviewer: Lady Anne (Signed)
12 May 2007 3:59 am
Lovely story. Great Rodney voice!
Icelus, part 5 of 5
Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
16 Oct 2005 5:29 am
I've read this story a few times, and I love it more with each reading. Fantastic job. Rodney's behavior, thoughts and felings can be read as slash or not. So well written, and so characterically accurate. Wait... is "characterically" even a word? ;) ----}-@ Krys
Icelus, part 5 of 5
Reviewer: fanficaddict (Anonymous)
10 Jul 2005 8:30 pm
*standing ovation* Excellent! Such wonderful descriptions, I could feel every one of Rodney's emotions :D Wonderful!
Icelus, part 5 of 5
Reviewer: Dr_Dredd (Signed)
10 Jul 2005 4:37 am
I know she meant well, but Rodney probably won't take kindly to being trapped with his nightmares. (Nice use of Greek mythology, with Phobetor as the god of nightmares!)
Hypnos and Phobetor
Reviewer: chaps1870 (Anonymous)
10 Jul 2005 2:11 am
That was an intense and gripping story. I loved Carson blowing up at Rodney and his tender understanding at the end. Without words you showed the depth of Rodney and John's relationship with a simple handhold. My only question is what happened with Elizabeth, surely that needs to be addressed???
Icelus, part 5 of 5
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
10 Jul 2005 12:20 am
Excellent ending. I loved Rodney's tirade, it will have done him some good to get it out in the open. And I liked his little slip up and the fact that it caused much of his anger to fade. I loved that John woke up to see Rodney there, it was fitting. And the way he reached out and then wouldn't let go was lovely. And lastly, I loved the ending with Carson and Rodney back on the road to friendship after the rocky past few days. Excellent. Laura.
Icelus, part 5 of 5
Reviewer: LostMyPen (Signed)
09 Jul 2005 11:57 pm
Wow, what a great story. I really, /really/ liked the way you wrote Beckett's character, and the whole 'Atlantis looking out for Sheppard' thing was very interesting and intriguing. "He smiled back, lopsided. She winked. Sheppard would have been so proud of him."
Icelus, part 5 of 5
Reviewer: songspinner (Anonymous)
09 Jul 2005 7:34 pm
This is really engrossing...I really liked the characterization - the dialogue was definitely in line with the personalities of the characters. Is there more coming soon? I hope...
Icelus, part 4 of 5
Reviewer: Kelly (Anonymous)
09 Jul 2005 7:25 pm
OH WOW! This is amazing! I can't wait to read what happens next! Please, please, please write more soon! I'm sitting on the edge of my seat biting my nails!
Icelus, part 4 of 5
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
09 Jul 2005 2:50 pm
Ok, I have some sympathy for Elizabeth after learning that she'd been in the infirmary, but I'm still on Rodney's side about the arguement...and how exactly did Carson think Rodney would know about Elizabeth when he was so busy being exiled and then worrying over John and having a break down in the shower? I was intrigued by Crason's connection to the infirmary, and Rodney's rememberances of Atlantis trying to tell him about John. I hope you'll be looking into John and Rodney's connection to Atlantis, and each other, some more. And just what does Rodney have in mind to 'end it now'? Laura.
Icelus, part 4 of 5
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
09 Jul 2005 2:30 pm
::Giddy with relief:: They got John back to Atlantis...not that he's out of the woods yet (pun not intended), but at least he has a chance with Carson. I liked Carson's little stand off with Rodney and Stackhouse, but it was never in any doubt that he'd win. I was kind of pleased with Rodney's shower episode too. On the one hand it was very sad to see him going through that, but on the other, it must have helped him work through some of his pent up emotions. I enjoyed his barbs at Elizabeth too- which may be a bit mean of me, but meh! I know she was only doing what she thought best, but I tend to agree when Rodney came back with his comment about needing a friend rather than drugs. She's going to really have to work hard to get his trust back...and I'm glad that it's not simply going to be swept under the carpet in the face of John's return. Laura.

Author's Response: Hm. Yes. Elizabeth had it coming. So had Rodney. But who's the victim here? Laura, I have to tell you that I love your reviews. They're a writer's dream: Eloquent and detailed - wonderful. Thank you!
Icelus, part 3 of 5
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
09 Jul 2005 2:10 pm
Oh thank God Rodney figured it out. I just hope Halling chased after him. I'm intrigued about Rodney's dreams though; just how *did* he experience John's actions? Now you just need to fix John, and indeed Rodney ::eyes you pleadingly, then wanders off to read the next part:: Laura.
Icelus, part 2 of 5
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
09 Jul 2005 2:02 pm
*Meep* Poor Rodney. I loved the flashback to the confrontation with Beckett. I was wondering about Rodney's nightmares- they seemed to be about stuff that hadn't happened to him, but could conceivably have happened to John. And then there he was. I'm asuming not an halucination? I just hope Rodney figures it out quickly, he's obviously not function at full capacity though ::is concerned::. Laura.
Icelus part 1 of 5
Reviewer: bridget (Anonymous)
05 Jun 2005 11:57 am
Wow. Poor Rodney...but I loved Elizabeth's concern for him. Lovely story. :)
Hypnos and Phobetor
Reviewer: museum_gnome (Signed)
22 May 2005 1:08 am
oh! I really liked this. I could feel Rodney's weary soul and so could Elizabeth. Really loved the "Can you sleep now, Elizabeth?" at the end. Perfect touch.
Hypnos and Phobetor
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Anonymous)
21 May 2005 11:16 pm
Oh ::is sad::. Sneaky Elizabeth, but it was obviously necessary :(. Poor Rodney :(. Laura.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing! Hm. Elizabeth. Necessary, yes. She may have lost his trust forever, though. So, in that regard, I'm leaning more towards "poor Elizabeth".
Hypnos and Phobetor