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Reviewer: Ayama_chi (Signed)
07 Feb 2012 4:14 pm
When I read the fic I had a feeling that it was a part of something bigger, something that maybe you had built in your mind but never put it all on paper. I found it hard to relate to the anguish that John and Evan were feeling because it was hard to understand where it was coming from, and even harder to understand what motivated John and Evan to behave the way they do. The dialogues and actions didn't tell it all, and it's a shame because it could have been a very nice longer fic, maybe even a novellete.

Author's Response: Yeah. I'm not necessarily done with the idea, it was just something that yes, I developed in my mind and hope to eventually get on to paper as something bigger. I'll make sure I let you know if/when I do :)
Chapter 1
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
28 Jan 2012 7:07 pm
Awww, poor guys, so broken :(. But at least they're on the same page now and maybe they can fix each other now. It seemed to work before, after all.


Author's Response: Yeah. I think they will. I think they always do. They're the kind of guys who want to be these totally independent, there-for-everyone-else type of guys, but they both also know (sometimes) when to accept help. I think that's why they're good for each other, and in most fics even if I'm not slashing them I'm giving them some sort of connection to go on, because they click on a kind of level that most of the other characters don't. They can be from the same kind of background and they both seem to have something the other doesn't or that the other can help them with it.rnAnyway, *rambling*, glad you liked it and I'm sure they'll work it all out (For every broken heart there's a guy with a glue gun) :D
Chapter 1