Reviews For First, Do No Harm

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Reviewer: CountryGal (Signed)
07 Oct 2012 6:08 pm
HyperCaz! I loved this short story! I remember the first time I read it, I think on website. It made me smile then and it still makes me smile today.

I'm glad you're posting here - makes me feel a bit less lonely! I thoroughly enjoy writing Laura and Carson fics - Carson is/always will be my favourite SGA character. I love this pairing!

You have a genuine knack for writing both characters; in fact a few years ago, whilst reading selected C & L stories, (including yours), is what actually inspired me to start writing my own!


Author's Response: I don't believe we've met - so hello there! This ship has always been a quiet one despite it being one of the only canon ships - not to mention it's very cute. I have another more "adult" account on this site that I've never had the courage to own up to so I decided to post here as HyperCaz at long last. rnThank you for your review!
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