Reviews For Breathe

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Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
21 May 2013 1:16 am
Wonderful story! I loved how John trusted Ronon while he couldn't see and how Ronon repayed that trust with his own when John pulled him from the river. Their adrenaline-fuelled first time was incredibly hot and I'd say that John has definitely given Ronon a better association with water after that shower!


Author's Response: Thank you so much Laura. I love your reviews, they have depth to them and you don't just say what you liked but also why and I love that. I love hearing how my stories effected the reader and if it's in the same way as I was aiming for.rnrnI love balance, whether it be each of them topping at some point in the story, action and depth of emotional moments, descriptive scenery and leaving some parts to the reader's imagination. I love reading a story that takes me on a roller coaster of a ride and leaves me exhausted and grinning or weeping at the end, so that's what I try to write.rnrnRonon desperately needed something to think of when confronted with his fear and what better that a hot naked John at your back. :DrnrnI'm thrilled that you loved this story, it's my favourite! So far ;D
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