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Reviewer: Ulffy (Signed)
24 Oct 2010 5:41 pm
Good story. Especially with sentient planet fungus parts. Really liked how you just weren't writing like one draws a line. The little side views and all. What I can't buy though, is that people would be bothered by the relationship. It's an international expedition. In NATO there are only three countries which do not allow people with deviating sexual tastes into their army (USA, Greek, Turkey). Plus there is the little tendency, that if a group of people has bigger things to worry about than who is doing who (like death petulantly banging at your door before afternoon tea) they are rather supportive of anyone in the same plight as they.
At the same time I must admit, that if the contingent was previously closed minded, they shall revert to their original state (mostly) once the danger has passed. Still good stuff and thanks for sharing.
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Reviewer: ladyjanus (Signed)
01 Jul 2010 7:08 am
More excellent work. Looking forward to reading more of you stuff...
No Joy
Reviewer: chuck (Anonymous)
03 Sep 2009 7:19 pm
No Joy
Reviewer: Righ (Anonymous)
05 Jul 2009 1:52 pm
I've always thought that being part of a mass consciousness would be in part, horribly scary and in another, great, because you'd never be lonely and could always share of yourself. (I thought about this a lot about the time Evangelion came out.) Mostly I thought it would be horrible to be a part of a mass consciousness, because you could never be alone.

This, yes. They shared of one another, and bonded, and what you showed from the outside was all of that. It was great!

Scary!John at the end there, and yet, it worked, and thankyou overall.
No Joy
Reviewer: lilimayhem (Anonymous)
15 Jun 2009 7:52 pm
my god...i'm shaken...
Half in Love
Reviewer: Sher (Anonymous)
15 Feb 2007 4:16 am
I really enjoyed the story, thank you.
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Reviewer: Dark_Whispers (Anonymous)
28 Aug 2006 1:11 am
Well.. it was a looooooong road to the end of the story, but I loved every second of it!! =)
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Reviewer: kittiekat (Anonymous)
11 Apr 2006 8:57 am
*wibble* One of the best I've read. I
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Reviewer: civilbloodshed@LJ (Anonymous)
21 Feb 2006 6:34 am
I. Wo-. I can only hope that you will one day share your gift with the world.
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Reviewer: AnonyMouse (Anonymous)
02 Jan 2006 10:16 am
Well. I'll be waist-deep in nightmares tonight. Damn, those are excellent beasties you've created. Can't stop shivering over the sheer *wrongness* of the image.

Author's Response: It didn't mean any harm! They came to its planet and now it will be lonely until the end of time. (Well, maybe not, it might have kept the personality templates when it reassembled the team.) I do hope there aren't any nightmares.
To Sleep
Reviewer: Valentin (Anonymous)
21 Dec 2005 8:00 am
What an extraordinary story. I've just finished it at 3 am, and I was disappointed at finding out it was over. You have captured each character perfectly, and delivered splendid insights into each of them. I'll be recommending this story a lot.

Author's Response: Thank you. You make me feel all warm and happy that people are still reading this and liking it even after season two might have made it AU. I'm very flattered that you're recommending it.
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Reviewer: beatrize (Anonymous)
08 Nov 2005 11:38 am
completely excellent. well writen,no gaping holes total suspension of disbelief, characters react within believable parameters.
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Reviewer: Aurore (Anonymous)
26 Sep 2005 3:54 pm
Wow. WOW. It's like those incredibles stories that litterally twist your guts when you read them and you know you're going to ache reading them but you can't stop because they are so well written. The moment when they all merge and disappear, esp. the description of what they feel as they die was gripping. It could have been just another sappy happy ending when they all come back but it was not. It opened many doors. I've recommended this story at Gateworld specifying that the slash chapter was independant and could be left out because I didn't want SGA fans missing that story because they don't read slash.
Life in Solitary
Reviewer: Kellogg (Anonymous)
29 Aug 2005 8:49 am
Wow. This is a great story, well basically two great stories. The first is a team story and it's beautiful and then there's a followup Sheppard/McKay which shows all the sides of Major John Sheppard including the lonely side and the very scary side. Great read.

Author's Response: Thank you. Even though I focus on one or two characters, I try to show them in the context of living and interacting with others. So, team story, and even in the slash, reactions from others. No one lives in a bubble. Though Atlantis would be rather like a small fishbowl.
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Reviewer: sidhe_ranma (Anonymous)
19 Jul 2005 3:11 am
Great story. The depth and complexity of this story was amazing. Of all the stories I've read at this site so far I think this one is the best.

Author's Response: Wow. Thank you. That's a remarkable compliment. There are some superior writers in this fandom.
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Reviewer: Niala (Anonymous)
14 Jul 2005 11:19 pm
Oh, this is a very, very good fic. I'm a bit blown away by the scope of it. You did a wonderful job of creating a very captivating team story that ended up being about so much more than what I thought it would at the beginning. The whole experience of them becoming One, dying, and then being reborn was amazing. Your descriptions were awesome. I liked that you didn't make the entity evil or B Movie-esque. Just lonely. I could pefectly understand the team not being able to ever convey what the experience was like, and their sorrow at not being able to experience it again. Their pain was so real. The depths you take the team to in dealing with the world and each other was the best part. So close, yet so far apart. I can't say enough how much I loved this fic. I was wondering if you have ever read any Bruce Sterling, in particular Schismatrix, after I read this passage: Sometimes any touch was too much, too bitter a reminder that flesh was a prison they were locked into until death. It's such a powerful statement, and it very much reminded me of that book. Though the idea is very Cyberpunk in general.

Author's Response: Well, I'm more of a Gibson girl than a Sterling fan, but I did read Schismatrix and a lot of cyberpunk at one point. Atlantis has actually reactivated my fondness for the genre. The line you quote was something I've reflected on at various times, myself; as is the whole individuality versus communion conundrum. Maybe that's why the story carries a little more punch than usual.
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Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Signed)
13 Jul 2005 2:41 pm
Oh WOW!!! This was just so brilliant. There're so many things I want to comment on, and I'll probably forget several of them, but...: I loved the pov changes, it really got me into everyone's head. Rodney's observations near the beginning, when he was thinking about how much John had shut himself off, flinching at every touch, really showed his concern and desire to snap John out of it. I loved how vulnerable John was when he finally convinced himself to confess his feelings to Rodney, especially when Rodney stood frozen for a start. I was so pleased when they finally got over the nervousness- not only was it hot, it also made me so relieved that Rodney had finally broken through John's walls and stopped him from completely distancing himself. His thoughts when he awoke were nicely written; a freak out that he managed to talk himself down from without too much trouble. The whole sacrificing-Rodney plot was well done, it had me on the edge of my seat worried for him, and also worried for John when I didn't know what he'd done, but knew it must be bad from his shut down state :(. I liked how things kept circling back to their time telepathically connected, and how alone they now felt. Particularly Ford and his ill considered talk with Bates. I was shocked at him, even knowing the underlying reason was jealousy of their connection rather than homophobia, it was such a wrong thing to do. I'm glad both Bates and Teyla put him in his place so quickly, and that Bates wasn't bothered by the revelation. The return to the planet was another tense time. The jumble of flashbacks and strange draw of the power that John was suffering was scary, and I liked Rodney's attempts at grounding John in the reality. And all that mixed in with John's remorse and also distress at understanding just how much Rodney had come to mean to him was quite emotionally draining, and made even more so by John confessing what he'd done to Rodney and Rodney backing off from him. The stand off with the Nsheen was tense, but I liked the forgiveness that went between John and Elme, it helped ease John's guilt, if only a little. And his being stabbed, whilst worrying and angering, did prove to Rodney that John had the same power over him. I was pleased to see Aiden had come round and was pushing Rodney to see John, and then Teyla went with him. Their reunion was great. I loved the part where Rodney suddenly realised that John was only human, and that they had power over each other. That was a powerful moment and made me smile. I loved the ending, both Radek's understanding and warning- looking out for his friend, and the finally scenes between John and Rodney, just some nice kissing and tenderness, without any worries for just a moment, able to finally laugh after the recent ordeals. I hope they can continue without any worries...carefully :). Great stuff. Laura.

Author's Response: Yes, they'll have to live carefully, because in my universe all the no frat and DADT rules really do apply, even in the Pegasus Galaxy. There are homophobes, though Bates isn't one of them, and disaster could be just one slip away. But both of them are smart and surprisingly tough and they have four people on their side. There's room for some happiness.
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Reviewer: A. Smithee (Anonymous)
13 Jul 2005 12:00 pm
I already thought the first nine parts of "The Taste of Apples" were terrific. But this sequel is even better. I love that you got Rodney and John together and let them ease the pain from the seperation after the merge with each other. For me this story is the ultimate John story. He is so easygoing on the outside, but he definitely has a dark side and also a certain potential for atrocity. We see it in the way he deals with the Genii in The Storm / The Eye or in the way he kills the Wraith prisoner in the Siege. The question is what would be needed to bring that out in him? I love stories about John's dark side. And you did a great job. This story is among the handful of the very best Atlantis fics. Thank you!

Author's Response: I adore Rodney, but when it comes to crawling in someone's head, John's the one who fascinates me, because he is this enigma: very smooth on the outside, but with deep, dark undercurrents hidden beneath the pretty surface.
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Reviewer: Katt (Anonymous)
12 Jul 2005 11:28 pm
Wow. I'm pretty speechless really -- I can just say I love this story and I love your writing. I was feeling kinda miserable when I began to read, but now I've gotta smile on my face -- thanks :)

Author's Response: Thank my beta, who lobbied hard for a happy ending for once. I gave her happyish.
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Reviewer: Ri (Anonymous)
12 Jul 2005 10:09 pm
Excellent fic. I very much like the poignant feeling of... not sadness, but that everyone in Atlantis is just slightly broken and nothing can really change that. Thank you very much for writing this! You avoided every single cliche here.

Author's Response: I'm sure I managed a cliche or two. If you think about the Atlantis situation, those first expedition members will always be effected by the experience. It makes me melancholy when I think about it much.
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