Reviews For Fight For Survival

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Reviewer: Kuna Yashmaa (Signed)
22 Feb 2006 10:36 pm
That was absolutely great story. Thank you!
False Memory
Reviewer: DaVinci's Girl (Anonymous)
22 Feb 2006 8:30 am
I read you bio. "Well there's really not much to say about me I'm just your typical teenage kid, with an english teacher that thinks I got some talent. so I figured what the hay why not see if other people agree". From the maturity of the characterization and the dead on Rodney dialouge I wouldn't have guessed your age. I'm an English teacher too and I agree with what yours said. Please keep posting stories.
False Memory
Reviewer: Shaz (Anonymous)
27 Jun 2005 5:03 pm
A great story! I loved the emotional drama in this story and also the demonstration of the strength of the soul. You captured the characters perfectly & more importantly it was very well written. Will be putting you on my to read list as a writer!
False Memory
Reviewer: rudhweth (Anonymous)
17 Jun 2005 8:39 pm
Wow, intense story. Kill or be killed, no one really knows until faced with it. You did this very well. I like the alternate ending where it all was a false memory. I am a sucker for happy endings!
False Memory
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Anonymous)
30 May 2005 8:19 pm
::blushes:: I've just seen that it actually does say that the story is complete. So, it felt like an ending because it *was* an ending ::rolls eyes:: ::blushes again::. Oh well. Laura.

Author's Response: Don't worry the first time you read the story it wasn't finished I posted another chap - an alternate ending - today, but for some reason it hasn't showed up yet even though it now says the stories done.
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Anonymous)
30 May 2005 1:56 pm
OMG, where to begin?! I liked the way you didn't let us know immediately who it was that was taken, though you gave enough little hints to work it out as the story progressed. I liked the way you showed John's emotions- or lack thereof- as he was forced to undergo all this fighting and torture. I had briefly thought that the girl he had to fight would be Teyla, but I definitely think that Rodney was the way to go. (It would appear that I'm evil *g*). The way John shut down after killing Rodney, and then again when he was killing the guards and Forza, was nicely handled. I was pleased to see that he made it back to Atlantis in the end. He certainly deserved his blow up at Bates too, and I was saddened, but not particularly surprised when he tried to kill himself. I'm glad that the team stuck by him after he admitted to killing Rodney, and want to help him rather than condemn him. The best bit at the end though, was Rodney appearing to talk some needed sense into John, in he way that only Rodney can :). I was pleased that he ascended, as it means that there's always the possibility that he can appear if needed, or even deascend like Daniel. John's seems to be on the way back now, which is great. Is there more of this? It says that the story isn't complete yet, but that felt like it could be an ending. I'd love to see more personally :). Laura.
Second Chance
Reviewer: fanficaddict (Anonymous)
30 May 2005 6:07 am
Wow, that was so dark and really well written. After all John went through and survived, it was a very bittersweet ending, poetic justice indeed. Grood job
Poetic Justice