Reviews For Lost

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Reviewer: Krysalys (Signed)
16 Oct 2005 1:33 pm
Loved this story just as much as when I read it for the first time. It's so wonderful to see how much Rodney's grown and matured as a person. Also love the whole whumped Rodney thing. ;) Excellent job, m'dear. ----}-@ Krys
4 Running
Reviewer: fanficaddict (Anonymous)
05 Jun 2005 12:11 am
*standing ovation* fantastic job! Normally I don't care for OFC but this was really well written, I felt for Rodney and the kids and poor Lucia :D
4 Running
Reviewer: Neo Getz (Anonymous)
04 Jun 2005 10:20 pm
Awww gr8 finish :)
4 Running
Reviewer: Nep (Anonymous)
03 Jun 2005 3:02 am
Oh no!! How sad *sniff* poor Rodney, can't wait to see what happens next!! Great story
3 Witchhunt
Reviewer: Neo Getz (Anonymous)
01 Jun 2005 6:22 pm
Nooooo!!!! can't arrest the nice lady just for helping rodney :( can't. Keep it going :) its a gr8 story
2. Missing
Reviewer: Neo Getz (Anonymous)
31 May 2005 5:30 pm
Awwwwww, i can't wait to seem more from this.
1. Rescue
Reviewer: anarawells (Anonymous)
31 May 2005 5:53 am
already very interesting. eagerly waiting more...
1. Rescue
Reviewer: fanficaddict (Anonymous)
31 May 2005 4:48 am
Great start! Nice owies hehe More please!
1. Rescue
Reviewer: alby (Anonymous)
31 May 2005 1:30 am
oooooooh new story! love it already! cant wait for more, i think he likes kids but hes got a rep to keep up!
1. Rescue
Reviewer: Jessica (Anonymous)
31 May 2005 12:27 am
Good start. Why is it Rodney always survives and others don't?
1. Rescue
Reviewer: wisewander (Anonymous)
30 May 2005 11:15 pm
I have a felling the whole thing with the gods is going to get Rodney in trouble at least once. Anyway this is a good start and i can't wait for more.
1. Rescue
Reviewer: Chaps1870 (Signed)
30 May 2005 10:46 pm
oooo...a nice Rodney whumping...Gotta love that. I love seeing Rodney with children. He grumbles so much but they flock to him like flys, and he loves it!
1. Rescue