Reviews For Misspellings

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Reviewer: Amanda Beckett (Signed)
29 Jan 2008 8:29 am
That was hilarious! Great work!
For Amezri
Reviewer: BC (Anonymous)
13 Nov 2006 8:16 am
That's sweet. :)And such a cute way to get Rodney's attention.

Author's Response: Thank you. :)
For Amezri
Reviewer: charlottechill (Anonymous)
05 Apr 2006 1:57 pm
Okay. That was a cute ending.

Author's Response: Thank you.
For Amezri
Reviewer: adafrog (Anonymous)
25 Dec 2005 5:54 am
Absolutely adore the last line. heee

Author's Response: Thank you! :)
For Amezri
Reviewer: Kam (Anonymous)
11 Aug 2005 11:13 pm
That last line did it. LOL!!

Author's Response: *g* Thanks!
For Amezri
Reviewer: starfox (Anonymous)
20 Jul 2005 3:07 am
Nice. I'm generally not a huge McShep fan, but this is cute. I especially love the other side of the sign. It's so perfect. Great writing.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad that you read this even though you're not really a McShep fan. *g* The sign was the best part.
For Amezri
Reviewer: Tarlan (Anonymous)
03 Jun 2005 10:55 am
LOL! Poor John, stuck betwen a pissed lover and, most likely, a pissed Atlantis for what he did. So glad he and Rodney made up.. and in such a lovely way too :-)

Author's Response: *g* Ah the things we do for love. Thank you.
For Amezri
Reviewer: probodie (Anonymous)
01 Jun 2005 9:27 pm
the minute that drink had spilled onto the keyboard, Rodney had become a snarling, spitting, seething mass of mistake finding aggression Fabulous! I loved this line in particular - sums a pissed Rodney up perfectly!

Author's Response: Thanks! That's one of my favorite lines too.
For Amezri
Reviewer: Laura_trekkie (Anonymous)
01 Jun 2005 12:58 pm
I loved John's reaction to Teyla's suggestion :). And his final solution was very good, especially the foresight to have the back of the sign give a deterant *g*. And such a nice way to make up too. Laura.

Author's Response: You know he'd totally do something like that. Just for a few minutes of piece. LOL. Thank you..
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